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  1. Hi all, Looking for urgent advice, we submitted DS 160 form for Canada few months ago. I do not seem to have the copy saved locally. My lawyer wants to review the form I submitted. How can i retrieve the form i submitted. My visa appointment is in next week. I hope you can advice thank you in advance.
  2. deepthis

    PERM application with new employer

    Hello, I changed employers in march 2018 from A to B. I have a approved i140 from Employer A (old employer ) . My current employer has not yet started the PERM application process yet. My h1b is up for extension in March 2020. Can someone please confirm if I need an approved i140 with my current employer B or can I use my old i140 when submitting for extension in march next year. Thank you all in advance. Deepti
  3. Hi All, My husbands h1b extension was applied on Sep 21st ( FTE with company since 9 years). The attorney sent the extension to California instead of Vermont on Sep 9th. The attorney filed a PP extension on 9th and was notified later that this is wrong processing center and needs to be submitted to Vermont. After resubmitting to Vermont the extension reached on Sep 21st 2018 ( after PP was stopped) . His h1b was valid until Sep 30 2018. Vermont has denied to process this in PP and is processing in regular processing. I want to understand what is the worst case situation here. What will happen if the extension is denied, can the attorney refile or what is the other option ? Since his old H1b expired on Sep 30th should he have to go to india? Looking for your responses here. Also, he has been offered another job, in this situation will it be wise to accept the offer from another company and join on receipt number? Since PP is stopped currently? Thanks in advance.
  4. Thank you for your replies!
  5. Hi all, I have a valid visa stamping till march 2020. I changed employers recently. Will I be able to travel with the current stamping or should I have to go to stamping again? Please advice. Your replies are greatly appreciated as always. Thank you.
  6. deepthis

    H1b transfer RFE please help

    Is just applying for COS to H4 not enough to stay and bring me back to Status ? I have a valid i94 till 2020. Do I have to go back and come after my H4 is approved? Thoughts on this please? Please advice
  7. deepthis

    H1b transfer RFE please help

    Hi all, I really need help with your inputs. I was laid off my company A and the 60 day grace period ends on March 31st. Company B filed my transfer in PP. I got an RFE for specialty occupation. I started working this week with receipt number. Can someone please shed some light on the worst case scenario. The attorney is saying the employer is working on gathering the documents needed to reply to RFE next week. My question is - What if the RFE reply results in denial - I will be out of status right. My husband is on H1b, do I wait till the worst case to apply for h4 or do I apply now? Can someone please shed some light on this as I am not aware of the next steps. Thanks in advance.
  8. deepthis

    H1b transfer and grace period

    Hi all, I need your valuable inputs here. I lost my job on Jan 30th and my 60 day grace period ends on March 31st with Company A Company B filed my h1 transfer in premium, Uscis received the case on March 13th and provided the receipt number. The joining date is March 26th. I want to understand what is the worst case scenario here, incase I get a RFE, what are the next steps. How can I apply cos to H4? I want to be informed and prepared for the outcome. All your replies are greatly appreciated. Thank you
  9. deepthis

    H1b Transfer in 60 day grace period

    Any suggestions on my query please, your inputs are really appreciated. thank you in advance.
  10. Hi all, I was laid off from company A, my last day was Jan 31st. Now, I have offers from 2 companies B and C. Both of them are contract positions, both are similar roles, and know about my previous job loss. Given my situation, I am more inclined to go with B, as it is closer to home. But I have sent all the docs and signed the offer letter with Company A as it came in earlier, and they are ready to File today. Given my visa situation, 1. My worry is - What if something goes wrong with Company B filing after I say no to Company A given my Grace period ending on April 1st? 2. Is it ok to file with both the companies and decide later ? Please help me with your guidance. 3. Also the USCIS memorandum that was passed last week, will it affect my chances of approval. Any suggestions are really appreciated. Thank you
  11. deepthis

    H1b job loss and transfer question

    Hi all, I am here again to seek your advice. I have offers from 2 companyies B and C. Both of them are similar role. But Company B has more travel than company C, and the pay is almost about equal. I am in a Dilemna about who I should go with. I just signed offer from Company B, but they have not started my H1b transfer process. Both the companies know about the previous job loss. Given my visa situation, I am just confused on what to go with. Any suggestions are really appreciated. Thank you
  12. deepthis

    H1b job loss and transfer question

    Hi all again, Thank you very much for your replies. I have a contract opportunity from a company and they are ready to transfer my H1b. Will the attorney know that my employment ended when they file. In other words, my last day at work was Jan 31st. Is it compulsory to tell the company B attorney about my lay off before they file. Also, is Standard processing better or Premium better given the current circumstances. The new company attorney is suggesting standard processing filing. Any inputs or thoughts on this for my case. Standard or Premium - What happens if I get RFE ( I know the company has to address it, but I want to understand the worst case) Your replies are very much appreciated. Thank you, Deepthi
  13. deepthis

    H1b job loss and transfer question

    Thank you all for your replies. The company B who gave an oral offer does not know about my Visa situation, 60 day grace period. Is it mandatory to tell them? Also, if 2 employers file h1b, and I decide to go with 1, what should I tell the other employer? company c? I am still in the processing of interviewing , stressful time, do not have an offer in hand yet. Your replies are very much appreciated. Thank you
  14. Hi all, I was a FTE at company A and my last day with them was Jan 25th, laid off due to lot of changes in the company. I have been interviewing and I got a oral job offer FTE as of feb 13th from company B, if everything goes well am I ok to start working with company B? I have a valid i-94 till march 2020 and h1b with company A till march 2020, got stamped in oct 2017, I do have a approved i-140. Now, I do understand I have 60 days grace period to find another job and do a h1b transfer. Is there any thing I am missing, will i have to leave the country and get the visa re-stamped after my h1b transfer? All your guidance is really appreciated. Thank you in advance
  15. deepthis

    H1b Stamping while travel

    Hello, I am on H1b (extension based on 140), but i need stamping. I am planning to travel to Singapore in december from the US. During the stay there will travel to India for 2 weeks or so. In this case where will have to get my stamping done, in singapore or in India? Any inputs are greatly appreciated. Thanks!