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  1. Hello everyone, My H-1B visa was issued at the Chennai consulate on Sept 16. My passport tracking showed "Your Passport has been returned to Post" for more than 10 working days following the interview. 3 days ago and after nearly 15 working days from the interview, it switched to "No status update available for this passport!. CEAC website informs me that the visa has been issued. I'm confused and multiple communications with ustraveldocs have not yielded any meaningful explanations nor estimated processing time. They ask me to wait for a reply but I have not received any replies. It has been 3 weeks since my interview and no passport in hand yet. Has anyone been in a similar situation or any advice? Thanks in advance.
  2. TheAltruist

    EAD on J2 - need urgent help

    Hello, I am currently on a J-2 dependent visa, working on an EAD issued annually. My wife and I have current DS2019s with program end date in June 30, 2015. I recently applied for the renewal of my EAD and USCIS sent me a letter that my SEVIS electronic records indicate that the program end date is June 30, 2014. They go on to say, 'Please submit a properly issued SEVIS Certificate of Eligibility for Exchange visitor' and 'the program end date on your DS2019 and the program end date in SEVIS electronic records do not coincide'. I don't know how to explain this disparity, when my current DS 2019 clearly says program end date is June 30, 2015! I don't know how to proceed further. What else could 'SEVIS Certificate of Eligibility for Exchange visitor' be besides the DS-2019?. Is there a way I can access the SEVIS electronic records? How best can I proove the validity to USCIS? Thank you for your help in advance TheAltruist
  3. Hello, I am currently pursing residency/Graduate Medical Education training in the U.S. I had recently visited India for vacation and had applied for a renewal of my J1 Visa via the 'dropbox' program. Upon receiving my J1 visa, I realized that my status on the visa was 'Bearer is not subjected to Section 212(e) (2yr home return rule)', which was clearly a mistake. And as expected the DS2019 did not have the US Consular's endorsement for the two year home return rule. I am in a dilemma, since I have to return in 2 days to the US to restart work, which leaves me only 1 day for me to clarify. Should I just leave to the US and clarify later or must I work on it right now. Please advice.. Thank you for taking the time to help