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  1. Hi, Need an answer from the experts. 1. I came to United States on March 5th 2007 and have H1B visa stamping till Sep 30 2009. 2. I went to India in Aug 2008 and came back on setp 9th 2009 and didn't went back to India. 3. I am doing full time with company A from March 2010 and change the Full time job with company B in Nov 2012, before that worked with a desi employer. 4. I am always on valid Status and had worked as per the USCIS rules. 5. Now I am planning to go for visa stamping, I thought of going to India in Nov 2012 but moved to company B. 6. Just want to know whether it is safe to go to India for visa stamping. Thanks in Advance.
  2. visit ustraveldocs website. you have all the necessary informaton over there. Look into ******* dot com also. If you have any specific questions, let us know.
  3. rrr2008

    Visa Application Center vist querry

    To schedule your OFC appointment you need have the following information and documents available: 1) Passport 2) Visa application fee(MVR fee) Receipt. 3) DS-160 confirmation page. 4) Visa appointment confirmation page. 5) Students may need to carry I20, and H1B workers may carry i-797 form. 5th one is not mandatory but good to have. you can take appointments in two successive days.
  4. rrr2008

    H4 Visa Appointment

    yes you can do it.
  5. rrr2008

    DS-160 question:Purpose of visit for H4 visa

    Spouse of an H(H4)
  6. My wife last year in Jan 2012, at that time my amendment is in processing. Mainly they will ask EVC, paystubs, w2's and your passport copy. while filling the applicaton, make sure that you give your current H1B LIN number, dont give the H1B amended receipt LIN number.
  7. Hi AshuG, Do onething, apply for your H1B amendment, atleast you will get your recipt number, you can send your wife for visa with current I-797 and new client documents and if visa office ask about your amendtment, atleast she can show your receipt notice. You have your new LCA and H1 receipt notice, then I guess it shouldn't be a problem. better consult a attorney too.
  8. rrr2008

    H4 Visa still valid after change of status

    Yes her H4 visa is valid.
  9. rrr2008

    Urgent Help Plz !!!!!!!!!!

    Better contact an immigration attorney immediately. there is a similar post in this group and the murthy attorney replied it "Accrual of unauthorized time in the United States after expiration of status (legally called "Unlawful Presence") is tolled when an individual is under 18. Assuming the individual is under 18, and no other ineligibilities apply, a H-4 dependent who has overstayed the expiration of their status is eligible to be issued a H-4 visa at the consulate. They should be prepared to explain the reasons why the status lapse occurred. If the individual is over 18, and has accrued 180 days or less of Unlawful Presence, they are barred from returning to the US after departure for 3 years. The bar increases to 10 years if the unlawful stay exceeded one year."
  10. rrr2008

    H4 visa 221g @ HYD consulate

    Good to hear that, you will get updates on the status of your passport in your email also. You can check it online also in the ustravel docs website by giving your passport number. It relieves lot of stress once you receive your passport..
  11. rrr2008

    H4 expires and travelling back to US

    Correct, since you are going to India for stamping, it is not necessary for you to apply for new I797 for H4. But make sure that your husband's I797 was done before you leave to India, other wise instead of enjoying the fun time in India, we keep on thiking about that.
  12. rrr2008

    H4 visa 221g @ HYD consulate

    I guess her visa might have been granted. Hopefully she should get her passport back with visa stamped.
  13. rrr2008

    H4 expires and travelling back to US

    Since your visa is expiring on June 09, you need to go for visa stamping in India with your husband's H1 approval.
  14. rrr2008

    Need info regarding H4 visa stamping

    1. copy of I-797 is enough 2. yes it is fine, she can carry the previous employer H4 petition, but VO might not ask the old one, they will care only about your new H1 I797 only. She can carry it as a part of her documents. 3.For your Offsite Facilitation Center (OFC) appointment, you will need to bring: A passport valid for travel to the United States with a validity date at least six months beyond your intended period of stay in the United States (unless country-specific agreements provide exemptions). If more than one person is included in your passport, each person desiring a visa must submit an application. Your DS-160 confirmation page. Your appointment confirmation page. 4. http://wwwdotustraveldocsdotcom/in/in-niv-typework.asp 5. Check this forum, you will get more information on this, take all the supporting documentation. I heard if it is full-time job there should not be any issues.
  15. It is still under process, we don't know exactly when it will be passed. The process is lengthy. Better go for H1. http://wwwdotmurthydotcom/2012/12/24/proposal-for-h-4-spouse-for-ead-in-limited-circumstances/