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  1. super3

    Visa Bulletin Priority Date Movement

    My permanent residence application was initially filed in EB3 with a priority date of Aug-2014 when I was at a lower designation. Subsequently a new application was filed for EB-2 using the same priority date when I got one promotion.. As per the USCIS Visa Bulletin for Oct-2020, this date is current for EB3. Can I proceed with the application of I-485 based on this?
  2. super3

    GC in EB-1

    Hi, I worked for Company A in India in managerial position between Jun 2010 and Jun 2011. I travelled to US in Jun 2011 on H1. I left company A and joined company B in Dec 2011. Now I am rejoining Company A in Jan 2012 as they are ready to process my GC. Let me know if Company A can file my GC in EB-1 under multinational executive category since I worked for 1 year in the last 3 years as a manager there.
  3. super3

    H1 Transfer - GC

    Thanks for the info. However, is it possible to refuse an offer after H1 transfer has taken place?
  4. Hi, I had H1-b visa between Oct 2006 to May 2009. I was in US between Jun 2008 to Nov 2008. After that I went back to India and my H1 expired. Now if I want to apply for a new H1-B petition will it be subject to cap?
  5. super3

    H1 Transfer - GC

    Can somone update on this?
  6. I am working with Company A and got an offer from Company B. Company B has applied for transfer of my H1 and I have received the receipt. Now when I resigned at Company A then they offered to process my GC. Let me know if I can still refuse company B and do I need to pay the amount for the H1 transfer.
  7. super3

    H1 Extension

    I am on vacation. I have valid H1.
  8. super3

    H1 Extension

    My H1 is expiring on 30-Jan-2012. I am currently in India. What is the latest date by which I can travel to US to file extension?
  9. Hi, I am currently in USA for Company A since Jun 2011. I applied for extension since my visa was expiring in Aug 2011. My visa was extended from Aug 2011 till Mar 2014. My spouse and kid are in India. I have recently received offer from another company B. Now I am planning to get my spouse and kid's visa stamped while i am in company A. Please let me know if they can travel on the same stamping once I switch my job to Company B or they need to go for stamping again.
  10. Date application was mailed to USCIS: July 8, 2011 Date received receipt from USCIS: July 11, 2011 Status: Post Decision Activity Date of Approval: Sept 15, 2011 Any additional information: CA- Regular Extension
  11. Date application was mailed to USCIS: July 8, 2011 Date received receipt from USCIS: July 11, 2011 Status: Initial Review Any additional information: CA- Regular Extension