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  1. gcind123

    O3 to F1

    Hello everyone I am in O3 visa for the last 1 1/2 years. I was in H4 for 7 years before that. I am going to do PhD and I want to switch to F1. Can anyone please advise me - if I have to go back to India to get the visa stamped if I switch to F1 or can I have F1 change of status and not get it stamped. Thanks in advance.
  2. gcind123

    Child in Home Country

    Hello My child who was born in US, has been in India for 2 years and is coming back with her grandparents. Will there be any issues at the point of entry and will her grandparents need any special paperwork. Thanks
  3. gcind123

    EB1A I-140 withdrawal

    Thanks. Do we get a confirmation that the application is withdrawn.
  4. I applied under EB1A and I received a RFE. I withdrew my I-140 application last week. USCIS website shows as Response to RFE review. How long does it take to be withdrawn? Why does it show as Response to RFE and not Withdrawn. Any thoughts on this will be appreciated. Thanks