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  1. mmoonstone

    AP Renewal

    Hello, I'm in the same situation. EAD expired on Apr 2013 and I need to apply for renewal in couple of weeks. Did you Efile or sent the document by mail? Thanks
  2. Hi Nipukumar, I have applied on Sep14th to the FOIA email address. Got the receipt on Oct 14th in USPS mail. So you may get it in another week.
  3. I have applied on Sep14th through email provided in the USCIS website for FOIA. I have not received the receipt number yet. Thanks
  4. mmoonstone

    COS , B1 to H1, Chances of Stamping????

    Tell the counsular the real reason why you have changed from B1 to H1b. Take all your documents with you. Be prepared to answer unexpected questions. So far I had been to stamping three times. First two time there wasn't any single question. When I went in 2010, there were lot of questions about the company and the type of work. He was asking me the project details and lot of stuff.
  5. Consulting work. I work at client site.
  6. Incase if the transer gets rejected you can continue to work with the current employer with the current H1b.
  7. H1b transfer premium processing Sent Sep 7th 2011 Received Sep 8th 2011 Accepted : Sep 9th 2011 Still in acceptance. Any one applied in september?
  8. mmoonstone

    H1B stamping

    Karthik, Actually, if you change the employer and your previous visa is still valid. Then legally you do not need to get that visa stamped. I have called up and checked this with USCIS few years back. One of my friend came to US on comp A. Changed to company B. He travelled to India and came back comp A visa and company B H1b papers. It is legal and that is the reason why the officier in the POE allowed to you to do so. Please call up and check with USCIS. They respond promptly.
  9. Hvae you decided what needs to be done? I was also on the same situation. My attorney advised me to be with the employer until the extension is approved. Only after that you will have a valid H1b so that you can transfer that to the new employer. Explain this to the new employer. And to expedite the process, you can tell your current employer that you want to change your processing to premium, so that you can get the extension approved quicker.
  10. These days even if the project is for few months, extension is approved for 3 years with an approved I-140. I got mine approved for 3 years beyond 6 years. I have applied on June with the client letter until Sep 30th 2011. I got approved for 3 yrs until Jun 2014.