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  1. @yamini - dont worry, uscis have approved your petiton and you have been working in IT. If only people who have BE, BTECH, MCA in Comp Sc can work on H1 then most people (Desi's) wont be workin in IT on H1. I know many guys who got successfully stamped without comp sci degree...it really doesnt matter as long as you have client letter, pay stus and w2. we all are free to choose our field of work and grab any opportunity that is beneficial to our career path...

    just go with confidence and please be optimistic...i am sure all will be well.

    Good luck

    Guys, please dont scare anyone, its really not worth it. Lets face it, we all desi's normally know the kind of people working on h1 and what are they into , so please dont prove a point. Majority of people workin in IT dont have computer science degree and this is the truth and we all know that so please.



  2. Hi all, I had submitted the ds160 form to chenni consulate and the same consulate was mentioned in I797. Now due to lack of appointment dates availability in chennai, i want to know if i can book an interview appointment in a different consulate other than chennai?. I have already submitted the ds160 by selecting chennai consulate as the post and the same is given in I797.

    Should i submit ds160 again if i go or other consulate?

    Is is ok to go for interview in a different consulate other than what is mentioned in I797?

    Appreciate any suggestion/thoughts guys?



  3. @atlasth1 - Congrats on your successfull stamping. I have few q's for you.

    1.Did you specify in the ds160 the second time that you were rejected earlier?

    2. Where did you attend the first time(which consulate)?

    3. Why was it rejected the first time and how long it took to hear back from them

    4. Why do you think the second time, nothing was asked about your refusal earlier?

    I am in a similar situation and your replies may help me

  4. @nlnn2 - thanks for posting your case. well there are guys who are waiting for months together and there are few who get the visa pretty soon. All this looks like pure luck and nothing more. Well i have been waiting for more than 8 months now:( that's the standard reply that all of us get everytime we contact them. maybe try calling DOS and see if you hear anything new. At this point of time there is nothing much we can do. All we can do is be patient and hope for the best and i am sure all will be good and that we will get our visa soon. Keep me updated

  5. @vijaisekar I am pretty much the same case as yours my first visa was denied in EVC model on Dec1st at Kolkatta.Later atttended at chennai consulate with EC model(Primary vendor as employer).I got 221g blue this time ,they just took my client letter and all the petetion documents were returned back to me.Till now there is no update from consulate.During this time,have you been working remotely to the client?.In my case I am working for the client remotely with my previous pending petetion for the same client.Will this create any further problems?Also can you please let me know whater your client/employer were contacted during the process and what were the documents taken during 221g?

    Thanks and Appreciate

    I am still waiting with hope that i will get the visa soon even though its been 8 months now. I am not working remotely, since its a new h1. My employer/client has not been contacted yet. All the docs in 221g were submitted. Well i think i am the only guy in this forum waiting for so so long,8+ months. All we can do is hope for the best.

    God, i hope you hear me please

  6. Does anyone know what is the difference between these 2 replies from VFS/US Consulate?

    1. As per the US Consulate, your application is pending under Section 221(g) of the Immigration and Nationality Act (INA) for mandatory administrative processing. Please note that there is no definite time for administrative processing. When administrative processing is required, the timing will vary depending on circumstances of each case. Be assured that the U.S. Consulate will contact you if the administrative processing is complete or if they require additional information.

    2. As per the US Consulate, your case is currently on hold under Section 221(g) of the Immigration and Nationality Act (INA) pending the officer’s review. Section 221(g) of the INA prohibits the issuance of a visa to an individual whose application is incomplete or inconclusive, or whose eligibility has not been firmly established.

    Appreciate any response...

  7. Thanks Vijai/Arian,

    Even my understanding of the officers in Consulate drop box is that they are not very knowledgeable. Even i was also expecting to get my passport back replying as if its been taken accidently. But this didnt happen, its more than 14 days surprisingly.

    How long can consulate hold your passport ? what is the longest time you might have observed holding the passport ?

    Well they can hold the ppt as long as they want and until the processing is complete and i know instances where ppt were kept by them for more then 6-7 months. If you need your ppt back for some other purpose, you can always ask them back. All you can do is hope for the best.

  8. @shaky_2007 - what was mentioned in your 221g? submit the doc along with ppt or just docs? or just that you heard it from the VO verbally not to submit ppt? well as long as you r not requested to submit your ppt by the vo then i guess it is not gonna be of any help. These VFS guys are not knowledgeable and they wud have took ur ppt without you being asked to submit. So dont read much into that, probably the VO may return you ppt or he may keep your ppt untill administrative processing is complete. Well you can call DOS, email VFS to know the status. the number is somewhere in this thread, pls chk. the ppt trackin messaage is just standard and that wont change until a decison has been made. As you submitted docs just few days back i believe u gotta wait for some time before you hear back something. Just be positive and optimistic and i am sure you will get your visa. Keep us updated.

  9. @kar221g(oct2011) - Thanks for updating your case. I am with you man, same as you waiting since oct2011. I know this is a testing time for all of us but having said that please be optimistic and i am sure we will get out visas pretty soon. As you can see cool_arian as a latest example has got her visa after more than 6 months of waiting. Just hang in there and try contacting DOS and consulate on a regular basis and all will be good pretty soon. Keep us updated on any progress. Keep praying and Good luck

  10. hi everyone.. finally an update from my side ..

    After 6 months 2 weeks wait, got a courier today from VFS.. all documents I had submitted were returned along with a 221G blue form stating "please submit passport through VFS".

    Will submit my passport tomorrow and hope things progress ... will keep you guys posted

    Congrats ma friend, i know u will make it :) The long wait was worth it and finally happy happy ending. Be happy and grateful that u got to spend all of this time with your family. Pray for me as well :)

    God you hear me? Please get ma visa soon as well and i know you will

  11. @shanky_2007 - if you are working at client site then you dont need the internal project docs. this is required only if you are working for an inhouse project at your employers location. I am not sure why VO had asked you for this. Did you clearly mention that you work for client and not inhouse? its kinda wierd that internal proj spec docs have been asked for client project. May be you and your emplyer/client should clearly mention this to them...