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  1. spartan_kay

    I94 Issued for 2 months

    There you go again with your ugly comments on why things happen the way it happens, what should have really happened etc. People are here to get suggestions on how to move forward and not to be critiqued on what has happened already. If people's posts asking for help really ruins your mood just move on and why do you even bother responding ? Do something useful with your time !
  2. spartan_kay

    I94 Issued for 2 months

    You just don't know the whole story and just stop being judgemental. People are just asking for solutions if any and not your opinion on things happen in their lives. Looks like you don't have anything better to do and you just get kick out of just passing your lame judgements on people.
  3. spartan_kay

    I94 Issued for 2 months

    User099 - Let me get right on with finding the officer and thanking profusely for not sending back !!!
  4. spartan_kay

    I94 Issued for 2 months

    My in-laws arrived yesterday (Feb 8th) and their return ticket is on May17th. They were here last year and returned to India in the month of November. Immigration officer asked why they came back so soon and my in-laws presented the copy of our house contract that was signed in December and mentioned to the officer that they are here for house warming ceremony. The immigration office mentioned that since they came back within 5 months she will issue I-94 for 2 months only and stamped admitted until April 7th. Issue is that our house closing date is April 15th and now we need to explore options to extend their stay until the original return date of May 17th. Any information regarding options to extend is highly appreciated. I have an email proof from the builder that the closing date is April 15th.
  5. spartan_kay

    H4 Approval still pending

    Applied H1, H4, H4EAD as part of premium package at Nebraska service center. I got H1 approved in 1st week of May, received H4 fingerprinting appointment on May27th and was done. I also went outside of country and got just my H1 visa stamped without spouse. 1) Looks like H4 won't be adjudicated as part of premium due to bio metrics ? Its already way out of premium timeframe. 2) H4 EAD expiring in 2nd week of July and I think wife has to quit her job ? Her employer consulted with their attorneys and is very confidentially saying that she can work on the receipt. We are little confused here. 3) To expedite the H4 can my wife appear for visa interview in a nearby consulate ?
  6. Is any such thing as minimum wait time after approval before one can appear for the visa interview. A while back there used to be wait time for PIMS (Petition Information Management System) database to get updated with approved petition information so that US consulates can see the petition information. I am not really sure if that still applies now.
  7. As per October 2015 Visa Bulletin " Submit required documents to the Department of State at National Visa Center, following receipt of notification from the National Visa Center containing detailed instructions" http://travel.state.gov/content/visas/en/law-an... According to "Direct Filing Addresses for Form I-485, Application to Register Permanent Residence or Adjust Status" with Pending or Approved I-140 need to submit I485 to Phoenix, AZ or Dallas, TX address http://www.uscis.gov/i-485-addresses SO what address every one is sending for Filing Applications (earliest dates when applicants may be able to apply). Is it National Visa Center Portsmouth, NH or Phoenix, AZ/Dallas, TX depending on where applicant live.
  8. spartan_kay

    Filing location

    Can someone please let me know where to file AOS application packet ?
  9. spartan_kay


    My bad. you are right its 2b for wife.
  10. spartan_kay


    I am in same situation and thsi is what I did. 1) 2A for me and wife 2) c9 for both 3) 1d for both 4) part 5 & 6 I have skipped. Part 4 ( 1a - family obligation, 1b- India)
  11. spartan_kay

    I-693 filing question

    My PD is June2011 and I am still doing I693. In all likeliness mine will go waste but did it anyway, suppose RFE is issue later due to validity all I need to do is spend 300 to get the new forms, atleast I don't have to respend on shots.
  12. spartan_kay

    Eligibility category in i765

    I think it should be C-9 for both isn't it ? I am on H1B, wife on H4 and recently got her EAD. But I am putting down C-9 for both, please let me know if this is incorrect.
  13. spartan_kay

    Change of Address - 485/765

    I am also in the same situation, assuming that EAD will arrive in 3 months (by December) we can move by applying AR11 once we receive EAD ?
  14. spartan_kay

    I-485/I-765 EAD AP Checklist

    I think you will need I1145 not notification purposes. Everything else looks good. My attorney has asked to include 3 latest paystubs and latest tax returns to prove bonafide marriage/address.
  15. As per the october bulletin my PD has become current, can experts here please clarify which A number to use ? 1) PD - June2011 2) I-140 Approved ( A number different from I-129) on I797 3) Wife got H4 EAD and has A number on EAD which is different from above. Questions is which A number I should use while filling forms for me and my wife ? Also not really sure why A number is different in I140 and I129 approval notices.