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  1. If you return before the 30th of September (The day you mentioned your visa is going to expire), you don't have to go for stamping. Make sure you land in US before the 30th. If you stay beyond 30th of September then yes you need to go for stamping again.
  2. giri26

    H1B Stamping Question

    Is there a reason why you want to go for stamping now? When you have a stamping of your previous company you can still use that to travel abroad. There is no need to get visa stamped with your new company. I would suggest you going to India (If that's why you want to go to stamping for) with the old employer stamping and comeback. You just have to show your new petition and the old Visa stamp at the POE and that should be enough. Regarding your question about old Visa cancellation. No one knows the the answer for that. When I went to Mexico last month the VO cancelled all my old visas when I went to interview but all my old visas were already expired. So I am not exactly sure what the VO would do if your old visa is still valid. Probably someone who had already visited Mexico/Canada with a valid visa in their passports should be able to answer the question.
  3. giri26

    H1B Stamping Help needed

    a) I attended for interview (Same Client, Same Employer, Same Consulate Vancouver) last November 2011and got it approved..So since i have already been scrutinized already at Vancouver consulate 8 months back...will there be any risk involved if i attend for renewal? or will it be easy to get approval this time? No one can be sure about that. But if you are with the same employer and client and if you carry all the documents you should be fine. b) I have my current H1b Stamping Expires on Sept 30th 2012. SO if i go renewal in July 26th 2012 if some thing goes wrong with my Current Petition Stamping..will they cancel my existing active VISA or can i come back on the current active which is expiring on Sept 2012. Not sure. If the VO cancels any existing Visa you will not be able to get back to US, in case there is additional processing. If the VO does not cancel the visa you might be able to come back.
  4. giri26

    LCA asked at chennai consulate

    Copy should be fine.
  5. giri26

    is copy of I-797A o.k for visa stamping ?

    you should always carry your original I797 just in case. Your employer should give that to you. Ask your employer to provide you with the original. Employee should have the original not the employer.
  6. giri26

    Is 221g approval valid for two years?

    I don't think there is anything which stops the officers from giving you 221 G every time you go out of the country if they feel they need to do additional processing. As far as I know there is nothing like validity period for 221G.
  7. giri26


    you cannot re-enter US if your VISA is denied or if you get stuck with Admin processing. You can either stay back in Canada till a decision is made on your VISA (if in admin processing) or go back to India and wait. If your VISA is denied then you will have to go back to India.
  8. If your old visa is still valid, you can travel with it and just have to carry your current I797 and supporting docs. No need for stamping.
  9. giri26

    Transit Visa Requirement

    I don't think you need transit visa for Frankfurt. Not sure about Zurich. I know you need transit visa for UK, Paris etc..
  10. giri26

    Stamping experience at Merida, Mexico

    I told him that I came to Mexico for a vacation.
  11. giri26

    URGENT - "Does NOT have CLIENT Letter" case

    You can take a printout of a email from the client stating that they would not provide a client letter. I guess few members have done that.
  12. Hi sorry for the late reply. Please go to the below link and click on the documentation link from the side menu. There you have to click on visas and then on "Tourist/Transit". On the next page you will find the application form. http://www.consulmexchicago.com/ Fill that form and then carry all the documents as mentioned by Sribalaji. You don't need the US visa appointment prior to getting the visa. You can just tell them that you are going for a visit. Just print out an itinerary and take it with you. I got my visa in one day. Submitted on day one and got it on the next day. Let me know if you need more information.
  13. Yes you would have to get the Mexican visa (it is $36). Once you get the visa, you book the appointment after paying the H1B fees. The rest of the process is same as how you would do to go to Canada. The Mexican Visa is easy, I got mine in 2 days (Submitted Day 1, collected it the next day). Please let me know if you have more questions.
  14. giri26

    H1B stamping in Mexico

    Hi all, I will be leaving in few days to Mexico for stamping. Can anyone please help me out with the documentation?
  15. giri26

    H1B stamping in Mexico

    Hello guys, I will be going to Mexico for Visa stamping in about 10 days and want to make sure I am carrying all the required documents. I work for the same company for 7 years and the same client for 5 years. I have a masters from US and work in the EC model. I am planning to carry the following documents. 1. I 797 2. I 129 (The entire set of 171 pages which my company submitted for H1 B extension last year) 3. Client Letter 4. Employment Verification Letter 5. Contract between my parent company and Client 6. Pay stubs for the last 2 years 7. W2 for the last 3 years (Not sure if I need to take more than this) 8. Tax returns for the last 3 years (Same confusion as the tax returns) 9. Bank Statement for the past 6 months 10. Marriage certificate (Since I am going with my spouse) 11. Degree Certificates and Mark sheets (Masters and under-grad) 12. Copies of my passport 13. Interview confirmation 14. ASC appointment confirmation (This is for Mexico) 15. I140 approval notice. 16. I539 extension approval notice. I am not sure if I have missed something above but it seems like these are the most important documents required for the visa interview. I also attended visa interview in 2010 in India and there was no issues. I just feel that I am carrying a weight of documents. Is there anything else I might need? Please let me know as it will be very helpful for me ahead of my travel. Thanks very much.
  16. giri26

    H1B stamping in Mexico

  17. giri26

    H1-B stamping without Master's degree

    I would suggest you finish your degree and then go for stamping. You might be in trouble if they find out you did not complete your Masters before getting your H1 Done.
  18. please let me know if anyone went to Merida Mexico recently. If yes please let me know the kind of documents asked and also the questions asked in the interview. I am working in EC model for 7 years with the same company. I have had 2 successful stampings in India in the last 5 years. I am working with the same client for 5 years. any help would be appreciated. thanks.
  19. giri26

    EVC = Suicide !

    My only frustration with the system is that it isn't consistent. Let them make it hard and let them scrutinize but let them do it at the time of approval of the petition. I dont understand how a person can be acceptable to the USCIS can be deemed as unfit for the visa by the visa officers. Just get some consistency and if my company is not good or not genuine, I would prefer to be rejected at time of filing the petition rather than going for a vacation and getting stuck for ages in an unknown country or at my home country because to different departments in US cannot agree with each others policies and decisions.
  20. giri26

    EVC = Suicide !

    How is EC not a genuine model. All big US consulting (Cannot mention names) comapnies provide service to big companies in US. If the company you are working for has a genuine contract with the client, how is that not real employment? All EC's cannot be fraud, please dont generalize the model. My company has more than 25000 employees world wide and provides service to major US based companies and companies around the world, you are trying to say since it is EC, they are not genuine? Not all US companies sponsor and hire H1B's. So why not reject any application which is not a direct employment, rather than approving it and then rejecting it and then reaffirming it again and then providing visa?
  21. giri26

    Meixcan Visa : for H1B Holders

    Mexico has recently exempted visa for people having valid H1B visa stamp on the passport. Below is the information from Mexican Consulate site: Starting May 1st, 2010, access will be granted in every single entry point to Mexico to all of those foreigners (regardless of their nationality) on tourist, transmigrate or business matters that arrive to the country from a U.S.A. inbound flight and have with them a valid and not expired visa issued by the U.S.A. government. If the USA visa stamped in your passport already expired and you have an official document or form providing our legal status in USA, you will be able to apply for a Mexican visa in this Consulate. Foreign nationals regardless of their nationality who intend to visit Mexico through maritime ports as passengers in tourism cruises do not require a visa or previous entry permit from the consular representation.
  22. giri26

    221g at Merida,Mexico on 27th March

    Is it same for any model? Like if someone is FT or EC does it make a difference? Do you know anyone who have come with FT or EC and is stuck?
  23. giri26


    I have gone for 2 stampings already but both of them have been in India. This is the first time I am going to a different country for stamping. So my question is how do the VO's determine if a candidate is working in EC or EVC? Do they ask the candidates their model? If not how do they figure out? They can't be knowing all the companies. I hear people here saying VO's ask for additional documentation as soon as they spot EVC etc.. But how do they come to that conclusion?
  24. giri26

    221g at Merida,Mexico on 27th March

    It is really confusing as to what these people are looking for. It seems like it is more than just the EE verification. They anyways verify it in detail while approving the petition. What are they trying to catch us on? If we have all the documents and are able to prove EE successfully on paper, the visa should be granted, PERIOD. If they are not doing it then it has nothing to do with the eligibility but it is something else.
  25. giri26

    Reporting Manager

    I surely agree to that. I am very much against the companies that abuse the system. I have seen one very close while I was searching for jobs. The issue for me is that eventhough the EE relationship is a great initiative it is not a consistent implementation by the USCIS or the visa officers. The proof of Employee-Employer relationship is a must for H1B petition approvals nowadays. The documentation required to prove that is consistent too but how come USCIS accepts the proof and aproves the petition while the visa offices deems the same proof as not enough? If the document was shady initialy then shouldn't the USCIS deny the petition in the first place? I am just saying that it is great scrutinizing applications to nab these fraud companies but only thing I am saying is that bring some consistancy in the process so that these things can be less stressfull for everyone. I look at the I129 submitted by my company and it is as extensive as it gets and is about 200 pages with so much of information which proves the EE and my approval was extremely quick. Now I have to take the same documentation for H1B stamping and the Visa officer might not like it and ask me for more documentation, does it make sense?