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  1. Indians don't have visa waiver to Mexico. You need to get Mexican visa. Please contact your local embassy and get it done. It does not take too long. It will be done in a day or two. I went to Merida in june for stamping and they for sure need visa.
  2. I took a 1 month old client letter for stamping but I was never asked for it, so not sure if it is fine.
  3. giri26

    Visa Expired in July 2012 - URGENT HELP

    Well my wife has gone for stamping when I did not have a valid visa on my passport. It is perfectly normal when the primary applicant stays back in US and their spouse travel to India for vacation. I don't think that is an issue. Just make sure she is carrying all the documents which you would normally take for a visa stamping.
  4. giri26

    Mexico visa needed?

    Yes you require Mexican visa when you go for stamping.
  5. giri26

    matamoros visa stamping

    I don't know about matamoros but you cannot schedule ASC and stamping on the same day.
  6. giri26

    H1 B Stamping & process for Green Card started

    H1B is a dual intent visa, so you should have no issues in stamping if you have the GC process started.
  7. You can argue as much as you want but finally it does not matter. If the employee knew that the university was unaccredited and still gave it for H1B application then I would say he also is at fault. You cannot assume that someone else will find out the problem. Eventually it is not his employer who has been asked the question, it is the OP. The onus is on him to answer the question not his employer. There is no way the OP can prove that his university was accredited when he graduated, on that count alone he is in trouble. Visa officers go on evidence not on speculations and allegations. The OP can complain about his employer but that wouldn't get him anywhere close to getting the visa. Even if it is proven that his employer is at fault, his H1B is invalid anyways. Using that degree by mistake can evoke sympathy but will not get him the visa. He should consult a lawyer to see if at all he can salvage something out of this at the moment.
  8. Unfortunately it does not work that way. When the OP was applying for H1B, there was no need to provide his masters degree. The H1B does not require the masters degree. He could have just applied it through his Bachelors. When the BP provided his masters degree to apply for the Masters quota, he also became an accomplice. The officers are never going to believe that the OP was innocent victim in this as he very well knew what his degree was going to be used for.
  9. As Joe mentioned it might have been an oversight by USCIS to approve the petition but since OP and his company used his degree from an unaccredited university to apply for a visa, it is for sure illegal. Instead of arguing about what USCIS has done, the better thing for the OP is to try and rectify the situation he is in. He probably needs to speak to an immigration attorney and determine how he could get out of this situation. When Tri-Valley fiasco was going on, people who were planning to join them had the same argument as to how the university was listed in SEVIS and how they are able to issue I20. But we all know what happened in the end to those students. I graduated from US and have gone for 3 stampings in the last 5 years, not once was I asked about my university which shows that the BP is in trouble regarding the accreditation of his university.
  10. You guys still keep asking same questions in spite of Tri-valley disaster. It does not matter in he long run, they will catch with you anyways. An again a Degree from a non-accredited university is not valid. You cannot use it for immigration purposes, period.
  11. **** does not have Accreditation any more. Their Accreditation got terminated in 2008 which is the reason the VO has asked for the proof. You cannot use an unaccredited university degree for immigration puuposes.
  12. It seems like **** lost it's accreditation in 2008. So I guess using that degree would be an issue. It is better to talk to the good immigration lawyer (I guess Murthy Law firm is in India) and see what explanation you could give in your scenario. Technically you should not have used that degree for H1B and should not use it for any immigration process in the future.
  13. Since you left US and you have been living in India for the past 2 months, I am assuming it has to be "A resident of India/Bhutan" but I may be wrong. Someone else might shed more light on this.
  14. giri26

    H1b stamping in Australia!

    I think to get your stamping in Australia you need to at least be a PR in their country. I don't think you can go just for vacation and get your H1 B stamped. I may be wrong but as far as I know that is the case. You can email the american embassy in Australia and confirm with them if you can get your stamping done.
  15. giri26

    Inconsisteny in paystub

    You need to get paid more than the LCA. If you get different pay (less one month and more the other), it might raise a red flag. Look at your LCA and see if you are getting at least more than that. That will be a start.
  16. giri26

    Visa stamping in Canada/Mexico - Please help

    I think you need a US Masters degree to attend the interview in Canada (I may be wrong, someone can clarify this). In Mexico though they allow only renewals. This means that you should have gotten your first Visa in India. If you did you can go to Mexico for renewal.
  17. There should be no issues with that. I came to US in Jan 2003 on F1 and did not go to India until Jan 2007 for H1 Stamping. I faced no issues in India.
  18. companies in the US don't give experience letters. Not that I have heard of. The only proof of employment will be your offer letter, Pay Stubs, W2 (this will have your company name, which will establish employment) and Tax returns.
  19. giri26

    H1B stamping on employer change

    Technically you don't need to get a new visa as long as your old visa is valid and you have a petition from the new employer. Then again like pontevecchio said it is entirely your choice.
  20. Canada has been pretty strict with the client letter. There have been people who have been able to get away by providing a printed out email from their client HR that they cannot give a client letter but that is based on your luck. I will strictly advice you not to take a risk going for stamping without client letter to any consulate especially in Canada.
  21. giri26

    Tax returns for H1B stamping

    Take all tax returns with you just in case. Since you haven't worked on H1 for a long time, the VO might ask you for the tax returns when you were student.
  22. giri26

    Do I have to go for Visa stamping ?

    If your visa is valid till october 2012 and if you are planning to return before that, then you don't need stamping.
  23. As long as you have an approved petition it should be okay. In 2009 when I got my approval notice my online status still showed "Request for evidence sent". My wife went for stamping in just 2 months and she had no issues in India. So I am not sure the status online means that much to you visa interview as you have the approval already.
  24. Also I think it is illegal to pay for H1B. Your company should bear all cost for H1B application.
  25. giri26

    H1B-Transfer and Extension-Visa Stamp Question

    No you don't have to go for stamping again, as long as you return back before the validity of your current visa. You can just show your old visa (previous employer) at the POE along with the new petition (New Employer) and that should be enough. You will get the I94 till the validity of your new petition.