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  1. When you are going for Visa stamping you need to get a Mexican visa I guess, since you will be applying for new US Visa.
  2. giri26

    GC Processing of F1 Students

    As far as I know, F1 is not a dual intent visa. You would not get far with GC application on F1 visa. I would wait till you get your H1B to initiate your GC process.
  3. giri26

    Successful H1B & H4 stamping in Delhi

    Nope, I wasn't asked for any documents other than passport and I797.
  4. I got my visa successfully stamped in Merida, Mexico last week. I safely landed in the US this weekend and I wasn't asked any questions at the POE. I stayed at the Fiesta Americana hotel in Merida which is about 10 minutes walk from the US Consulate. The visa stamping in Merida is a two step process. The first day we need to appear at the ASC for fingerprinting and Photo. I took a cab from the Hotel which cost me 50 pesos. There wasn't that many people at the ASC, so I was let in early. My appointment was at 10:30 AM but they let me in at 9:30 itself. The process was very fast and I was out by 9:45. The next day I had the interview at the American Consulate at 11:00 AM. I reached there at around 10:10 AM. They let me in immediately. There was a lady who checked my appointment letter and the Passport and arranged the documents in order and sent us in with a token number. There I was sent to one counter where again the documents was verified and the person at the counter was typing away something on the screen. Then I had to wait my turn to be called. There were 3 counters and they were calling based on the token number. I went to the middle counter where a tall guy with specs was there. I work in EC model and I am with the same company for 7 years. I am with the same client for 5 years and I had been to India for stamping in 2010. Here are the questions he asked, What brings you to Merida? What does your company do? How long you have been with this employer? What is your role at your client place? How long have you been with this client? You have done your masters in US, where did you go to school? Which client did you work for prior to the present client? Where in ---- state is your client located? Finally after canceling all mine and my wife's old visas, he said "Your visa is approved and you can collect your passport tomorrow". I asked him if I can collect it the same day, he said I can try coming in at 4:0 PM. He did not ask for any documentation other than the I797 and I129. He did not ask any questions to my wife who was standing with me. The interview lasted for about 10 minutes. He was in between turning off the mike and talking to the fellow officers about my case. Don't know what he discussed. I collected my passport on the same day but had to collect my wife's the following day. The return flight was smooth and I wasn't asked anything at the port of Entry (Atlanta). Please let me know if you have any questions.
  5. giri26

    2nd MS visa rejected

    You will not get F1 visa anymore as you applied H1B visa during your previous Masters. Your best chance is to get a H1B visa or wait for your husband to get a H1B visa and come here on H4.
  6. giri26

    Stamping in Australia

    I have an Australian PR and will have to travel there to validate the same this year. I was wondering if I could get my H1 B visa stamped from there even though I have never lived in Australia and this would be my first visit. I received my PR just this year. If anyone was in similar situation please share your experiances with the documents to carry.
  7. giri26

    Stamping in Australia

    I did go and validate my PR but did not go to stamping there as I did not receive much information on the same. I stamped my Visa in Mexico instead and later traveled to Australia to validate my PR.
  8. giri26

    Travelling to Canada on H1B Visa

    All, thanks for responding. I already have US visa on my passport (All four of us have) and also have canadian visa. I am just trying to find out if I need to carry all the documents which are normally needed for US Visa stamping, even though I am just visiting canada for vacation for few days. Please let me know as I need to request the EVL and stuff from my employer if it is needed.
  9. Hello All, I am planning to go to Canada (We already got the Canadian Visa) by road for a vacation for few days with my wife and in-laws. My wife and I already have H1B visa stamped on our passport. Do we need to take any specific documentation along with us other than the passport and the I-797? My In-Laws are here on tourist visa, do they need any specific documentation to go to Canada and enter back to US? Any help will be appreciated. Thanks.
  10. giri26

    Travelling to Canada on H1B Visa

    Hi Rahul, All four of us already have canadian visa as I mentioned in my earlier post. I was just wondering about getting back to US. What sort of documents we need to carry.
  11. I went for Visa stamping last year after my 7th year extension. The client letter is very important. As long as you are on H1B and you are traveling on it, you have to prove that you have a job in hand.
  12. giri26

    get 221(g) from Toronto on 6th Feb 2012

    Your situation is more complicated than just the arrest itself. You should not have lied to the immigration official. When he asked you for the first time you should have told him the truth and upon request provided him with all the court papers. Now you have to just wait and hope. Did you carry with you all the necessary papers?
  13. giri26

    Do i need stamping again?

    This is not true. If you have a valid visa on your passport and an approved I797, you can enter the country without any issues.
  14. giri26

    H1B Stamping experience in Mexico

    We don't have too many going to Mexico for stamping. The reason being to go to Mexico, you should have got your first stamping in India. You can only go there for renewal of your visa. I was the only one in the Merida consulate when I went last year.
  15. giri26

    Can I come back to USA if i get 221g

    Obviously they will let you in as they would not have any clue about your Visa interview. Did you explicitly tell them that your purpose of visit was for visa stamping and your visa has been put on hold? If you go by road and return within few days the US border security will think that you have been there for vacation since you had your I797 with you. I hope that some attorney here comes and clarifies this point on this forum or with an article, so that we don't have people following this method to get into US. I am sure that you don't have a valid status in the US and you cannot work.
  16. giri26

    Stamping experience at Merida, Mexico

    I took the ADO bus from Cancun to Merida. Merida is extremely safe and so is Cancun. You don't have to worry about safety. Merida and Cancun is more of tourist spot, so there will be lots of Americans there and it is a very safe place to visit.
  17. giri26

    My 2 cents

    I appreciate when people come in and post their experience on this forum but this advice part is irritating. I don't think any of this matters. You need to be working for a good company with the right papers. No matter how confidently you speak and how well you are dressed, if the VO feels that your company is shady, they will put you through admin processing. FACT.
  18. giri26

    Can I come back to USA if i get 221g

    This is not right. The rule clearly states that you can use AVR as long as your visit to Canada isn't for visa purpose. Currently you are out of status, no matter what the border control told you. They probably were not aware that you visited for visa purpose. I don't think the visa officer would have told you to go back to US and wait. No US visa officer would say that. When I attended the interview in Mexico, the officer clearly said that "You would need Visa to enter US" jokingly when I told him that I am visiting there from the US. So there is no way that you could enter without a visa stamp. "Automatic revalidation is not the same as applying for a new visa. If you apply for a new nonimmigrant visa, you cannot take advantage of automatic revalidation." taken from US department of state website. Please don't spread wrong information online. If you got away does not mean everyone should do it. We don't want a bunch of people getting deported.
  19. giri26

    Can I come back to USA if i get 221g

    That's fraud I guess. You should not enter the country if you don't have a valid visa. Yes you can come back to US from Canada, if your purpose of visit is tourism (Automatic Re validation) and you did not attend visa interview. If you have attended the interview, you should not be using that option. I guess you are out of status at this moment, if you are still in the country.
  20. giri26

    Employment Letter salary ??

    The employer letter should obviously mention how much you are earning. But offcourse the salary you earn should be greater than the LCA amount.
  21. I went to Merida, Mexico in July. What do you want to know?
  22. Hi, Sorry for the late reply: Below is my experience in Mexico, It is better to fly to Cancun as the flight cost is lesser. You can take the ADO bus from Cancun to Merida (travel time 4 and a half hours). Please let me know if you have more questions.
  23. I went for stamping in Merida Mexico yesterday and got my visa. The VO did not ask too many questions but the interview lasted for about 10 minutes. I work in the EC model and this is my 3rd Visa stamping.I Will post a detailed experience when I get back to US this weekend. I collected the passport on the same day. Please let me know if you have any questions. I was not asked for any documents other than the I129 and I797 which I submitted along with my application.
  24. giri26

    h1 b stamping oct 16th 2012. Administrative Processing

    Well when you come to US on F1, you are expected to graduate. This might be an issue as you should graduate first before looking for a job. Getting a job before graduating kind of shows immigration intent which isn't why F1 is for.
  25. giri26

    H1B extension stamping in Mexico

    You need visa to Mexico. Indians don't have visa waiver to Mexico. Please contact the local Mexican embassy and apply for the same.