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  1. giri26

    Domestic violence 273.5(A) and VISA revocation

    Get in touch with a lawyer immediately and involve an immigration attorney as well ASAP. This is a serious offence and can have immigration consequences. This is not the time to rely on forum advice.
  2. Talk to a immigration lawyer. This is not a clear cut case and you cannot rely on advice on a public forum. Murthy has a office in India as well.
  3. I140 cannot be ported. The new employer needs to start the process all over again. You can retain the priority date though. The big problem for you is the pay stubs. Without pay stubs it will be hard to prove that you are actually working. Your I140 isn't with this employer either. Just depositing money over the counter does not prove your status. Report your employer to the DOL. That's the only way to get around this. I strongly urge you to report such people as they need to be shut down. Can't believe people still work for such employers. Always learn and understand the law when you are in a country.
  4. I am very surprised that they would deny a petition without giving you an opportunity to provide additional information. Some information is missing in this for us to be able to provide any suggestions. @Noah Lott The problem is that that parents during that era in India did not care keeping a name for the child during birth which is the reason lots of the times the BC's were given without the name (Horrible by the corporations during that time) of the child and just the parents names. Nowadays it does not happen. Also I am very surprised how the OP was able to get GC without the name in the BC? What documentation evidence was provided when applying for the same? Like pontevecchio mentioned DNA test could have been done as well.
  5. giri26

    H1B RFE(Missing SOW)

    Talk to a immigration lawyer. This is complicated and I don't think anyone on this forum can guide you on this. Also you don't respond to RFE's ,it is your employer who should be doing it. I hope they are using a lawyer? Having multiple layers on H1B is not a good idea, it is very difficult to prove Employee-Employer relationship on such situations. Even if you are able to give them the contract, I still feel it is going to be difficult. I wish you the best but you would need to consult an immigration lawyer.
  6. giri26

    H1-B Renewal Background Checks

    Employment history and Criminal history are of interest to immigration. So if you have something on your record, it is better to discuss with your lawyer.
  7. giri26


    You need to leave the country immediately to get new I94. Your Change of status has not been approved.
  8. giri26

    H4 status after working on Green Card EAD

    I think you did not understand what @JoeF is saying. you can apply for H4 but as soon as you start working on your GC EAD, you H4 will be gone. You cannot be on H4 and keep working on your GC EAD. So if you want to remain on H4, you need to stop working. It is that simple.
  9. As @pontevecchio said the word bench has no place anywhere. If you were on a personal leave for 6 months overseas, that's all you need to say in the interview. You are not expected to be paid when you are not working and not living in the US. That is self explanatory. Anyways you will be fine I guess.
  10. giri26

    I-140 Grace Period

    You have 60 day grace period and if your employer does not file the H1B before 29th June, you need to leave the country and enter with a new visa stamp or existing one (if it is valid) with the new I797. You have no other choice.
  11. giri26

    transfer H1 along with H4

    You are currently on H4 status so you cannot work on receipt. You need to get the H1B approved before you can start working. Since it is being filed under premium processing, it will be processed soon anyways, what is the hurry?
  12. giri26

    H1B transfer, pay stubs low salary

    File a report with DOL, your employer has to play you according to the LCA. He will be forced to clear the back wages as well.
  13. I am not an expert but what you have done will come back to bite you in the future. It is never a good idea to take this path. The best thing would have been to leave the country and come back on new H1B visa once the petition was approved.
  14. giri26

    H4 DUI

    Also involve an immigration attorney as well to make sure you are making the right calls. You don't want to accept some plea without understanding immigration consequences.
  15. Was a immigration lawyer involved in these proceedings? Did you have one? If you don't consult one to find out if this will impact your future immigration status. Without looking or understanding the case in its entirety, no one can say what will happen in the future.