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  1. I am a US citizen. I just filed 10 days back I-130 petition for my married daughter (above 21) by mailing it to Phoenix lock-box by FedEx and had attached completed G-1145 form too. FedEx tracking says it was delivered overnight promptly to the USCIS Phoenix designated address. However, I haven't got any acknowledgement or response to my email-id or mobile phone (text) as mentioned in the G-1145 form? Any idea how long it takes these days just to get ack receipt of our I-130 petition filed?
  2. Hi, my I-824 was approved by Nebraska Service Center as that is where my I-485 was earlier processed.. I-824 Notice Date was May 26, 2015 and approved date is June 5, 2015. I am trying to figure out what should I do next.. They have notified the approval to Chennai consulate whereas IV ae now handled only in Mumbai or Delhi...
  3. Hi: Based on my GC status, I applied last month for I-824 for my wife (derivative of my employment based GC approval) ) who is now in India, It is approved this month & I received (so quick!) the I-797 approval notice from USCIS saying notification has been sent to Chennai (India) consulate. I have 2 queries- 1) What exactly should I do as the next immediate step? 2) Chennai (India) consulate web site says they no longer process immigrant visas as they are now handled only at US Embassy Delhi & Bombay US consulate. I was not aware of this when I applied for I-824 where I requested for intimation to Chennai and so USCIS did notify to Chennai consulate of the I-824 approval. What should I do now in this case?? Please help me on getting the right suggestions or answers to my above queries. Thanks in advance!
  4. vnellai

    I-824 Supporting Documents ?

    Hi: I just filed my I-824 for my wife and mailed it by Express Mail to the appropriate USCIS Lockbox address. I had attached G-1145 for too at the top. While it was delivered to the USCIS per the tracking confirmation got from USPS yesterday, I haven't yet got the email or mobile text acknowledgement from the USCIS. Any idea how much time they will take to send us this G-1145 acknowledgement message? Thanks in advance.
  5. vnellai

    I-824 Supporting Documents ?

    Hi varsh1: Thanks & appreciate your reply in detail. Are you sure the sub-list that you had given under 'supporting documents' (item no.5) above in your response, are not mandatory? However, as you did, me too will try to attach them with I-824 to be safer. Also, while I'll attach my wife's passport as well as our marriage certificate copies, should I have to attach her birth certificate also? I thought birth certificate copies are required only for dependent children.. Please kindly let me know.. Thanks again!
  6. Hi: Greetings! I am an LPR and my wife is not. We were married long ago before I became LPR. She is now in India.and would like to do CP for her GC & hence intend to file I-824. Can anyone let me know what is the exact list of supporting document that I need to attach with I-824 for her? Thanks in advance..!
  7. vnellai

    What are docs reqd for family visitor visa

    Thanks for your comments! Well, my spouse has got apt rental lease signed in her name in India and my daughter is working in India. Hope these should be good enough to say that they will return to back after visit?
  8. Hi: I am a GC holder and my family (spouse & daughter) are in India as my daughter is working there. I don't want to apply for GC for my spouse now (may be later in the future). Now, I want them here on visitor visa to join me. How to proceed? What are all the docs reqd as I dont have any idea about B-2 visa? Please guide. Thanks vnellai
  9. Sorry for posting late. I got last week (17/June) my green card with welcome letter in one mail & courtesy copy of I-797C Approval Notice in another mail. It said the original approval notice was sent to the attorney with attachment documents (?!). Below is my case summary: EB2/India/NSC PD : 08-Aug-2006 I140/I485: applied concurrently July/Aug 2007 FP : In Nov 2007 (only once) I140 approved: July-2008 I485 approved: 13-June-2011 RFE : For Birth Certificate in July/Aug-2009. Sent just affidavits from both parents and case resumed. Current I485 Status: Post Decision Activity LUD: 06/16/2011 (from my case status online)
  10. vnellai

    Green Card Received

    Please let me know what did you do? I think you should get the GC couriered to you and travel to US with the new GC in hand. Mostly there may not be any problem provided you don't delay your stay outside US since the 'Resident Since' date.
  11. vnellai

    Travel back on GC

    You family members were able to return to US with their GCs in hand without any problem? Did they ask anything at PoE? Please share the experience as it would benefit others...
  12. Did you consult a lawyer? Are you planning to go to US with your new GC? Please update. My instinct says you might be allowed to enter because having physical GC in hand gives you lot of + when you enter. And after my analysis of POE procedures by CBP, looks like there would be an issue only if you overstay outside US since the "Resident Since" stay. Also, looks like CBP doesn't have accurate records of all the past departures & entries due to the inefficiencies in thir database systems like NIIS, APIS, etc which actually store the travel records.
  13. To m-owen : it has been 4-months since you had posted your case in this thread. What did you do do afterwards? Did you enter US with your GC in hand? What happened at POE? I am anxious as my case is similar to you...
  14. If you don't mind, can i suggest you to tackle your issues one by one. Firstly, you have your address problem - resolve it first. You can confirm your online address change with USCIS only after elapse of 30-days from the day of your online address update. Then, take care of your second problem, that is filing I-90 for GC not received. I think they will use the address filled up in I-90. This process will take 90 days.
  15. I just saw in US Consular web site that they want applicants to use "NONE" or "NEVER" instead of "N/A".