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  1. All- This is really good news for me and a good new year start :) I had applied for visitor visa for my parents for the first time in March 2011. The interview did not go well and (nothing unusal but father said VO asked very few questioned) visa was denied. I was not sure when to apply again. Finally I decided to apply again when I was going to be in India on vacation i.e. in Jan 2013. This time we did not do anything different. Appointment was at 9am on 2nd Jan. I only told my paraents to be confident. Well this time the translater (local language interview) was a lady and she was very nice (as per my mother). Again, not many questions were asked...she asked about... 1. Why are you going to US 2. Who is in India (my other siblings) 3. How long stay. and visa was approved. I had very little hope as the visa was denied the first time. Anyway, good luck to everyone.

    october visa bulletin predictions

    Yes. I already confirmed that. You may have missed my response or responded before my response was published :)

    EB2 in November Bulletin

    LOL...I can understand your frustration...

    Interfiling letter with PD not current

    Yes you can but I have also heard that interfiling is not necessary step.

    october visa bulletin predictions

    So the PD for EB2 is 01SEP04... :) Very funny!

    october visa bulletin predictions

    Agree! Everyone will pray for "in worst case" the situation should benefit at least their case :)

    october visa bulletin predictions

    No, I have interfiled 140 second time to change my category to EB2 and link new EB2 to existing 485 that is pending. Once approved and interfile is success I will be in EB2. My old PD will be used which is Jun 2006. I hope this helps.

    october visa bulletin predictions

    Thanks for the update! I hope it is greater than or equal to June 2006 :)

    october visa bulletin predictions

    Good for you..I just need minimum Jun 2006 :)

    Interfiling I140 in EB2

    Thanks Belle for your! My company will definitely let me know when my 140 is approved and it is linked to my 485. This was just my backend way to track the progress :) I appreciate your response though and I will try to get info pass.

    Interfiling I140 in EB2

    Hi all - I have a question. My employer has interfiled I140 in EB2 last week. My 485 has been pending since Jul 2007 like many of us have. Anyway, my employer does not share the receipt I140 # so for me it is not possible to track the progress. My question is, if I140 is approved in EB2, will that change the LUD on pending I485 application too? I know not many people will know this because this is something not very common but if anyone knows please let me know. Thanks

    october visa bulletin predictions

    So what would be the next date if not Aug 2007?

    EB3 to EB2 - Derivative 485 Question

    I am not lawyer but I think even after your Application is approved you can still file the derivative 485 later. Only condition in my opinion is, your "derivative" status should exist when your GC was approved.

    Eb3-Eb2 porting - Labor Approved ..next?

    I am almost in exact same case as you are. Only difference is, my PD is Jun 2006. Also, after my PERM was approved in EB2 (originally in EB3) my EB2 140 with interfile is already submitted (Aug first week). Now I am just waiting for date to become current, which I assume will be in Oct visa bulletin, I should get the GC before Dec or in Jan. Also, processing time for I140 is 4 months so that might be a roadblock.
  15. All- Thought this might be userful to others. I received my AP in less than a month. Applied online on May 8th. Sent the supporting docs next day. This is my 3rd renewal. Approved today on May 29th. This is Texas SC, EB3, PD June 2006.