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  1. From my experience, the combo card is valid only for 1 year. I have others too that received the same. While you should be happy to receive your EAD/AP, i do not understand why you want to fret about it. The combo card is only for convinience.
  2. spenumatsa

    Hello Expert, Need your help on PD current

    While no one can give you a definte answer, my guess is that it might happen next year. But it all depends on visa demand and other factors when the new visa numbers are available in Oct 2012.
  3. spenumatsa

    Questions about EAD/AP and H1-B

    a. I am not sure. b. Once you use your AP, you will be under 'parolee' status. You can file an ammendment to get back to H1B as long as you stay with the employer that applied for your GC. c. I guess the above answers your question.
  4. If this is your first H1, you should get your visa stamping done in your home country.
  5. You should have listened to your friends warnings. Not to sound rude, but the chances of getting stamping are remote.
  6. spenumatsa

    EAD card not received yet

    Call the USCIS customer service at 1 800 375 5283 and find out what happened.
  7. spenumatsa

    When Should i expect EAD

    It usually takes 1-3 months to get your EAD. Though i know of instances where people have received it much earlier.
  8. spenumatsa


    I do not understand this. My son's GC was not approved due to lack of visa numbers. And this was in April and i got a letter from USCIS to that affect. My Priority date is Aug 2007. Me and my wife got our GC's while my son's wont be until Oct 2012. I am not sure how your GC was approved, that too in May when the visa numbers were exhausted in April.
  9. Once you use your AP, you are under 'Parolee' status and not on H1B. You will need to file an amendment to get back to H1B status.
  10. spenumatsa

    Question regarding travelling on AP

    1. Not advisable. 2. Both of you can use your AP to enter the country and file an ammendment to get back to H1B status. 3. If your visit can wait, best option. Rememebr that you wont be getting your green cards any time soon. Not atleast the end of the year.
  11. spenumatsa

    Travel on Advance Parole

    When you use your AP to enter into the country, you will be under 'Parolee' status, not H1B. If you want to work using your H1B, you have to file an ammendment. And rememeber that you have to be with your employer who filed your green card. Coming to the EAD part, i am not exactly sure what your status will be as you did not apply for EAD. You should have applied for one. You should have done your homework rather than depending on your attorney's advise. There is no additional fee for that and it would not hurt. And it would have certainly helped in your present situation.
  12. spenumatsa

    I485 - Evidence Response Review Time?

    You have to wait till October 2012 to see any status change.
  13. spenumatsa

    April 2012 Visa Bulletin

    Follow the below link.. http://www.******************* What Mr.Oppenheim said about the April bulletin has come to be true. There wont be any forward movement until the next financial year which starts in Sept 2012.
  14. spenumatsa

    Got GC approval notice - but problem with employer

    @Balarajan.. The GC is always sent to the applicant address via USPS priority mail.
  15. spenumatsa

    need help on i485 RFE

    It all depends. Which Service Center is your petiton being handled. RFE's are common now a days. Most of them are either related the BC or Medical examination. Was your BC issues within 1 year of your date of birth? If not, did you provide the Affadavits? RFE's has to be answered within 30 days. In most of the cases, petitions are approved within weeks after USCIS receives your RFE. If you filed your I-485 through a lawyer, your lawyer will take care of this. But you have to wait till your receive the RFE to see what the USCIS is requesting as additional evidence. Good luck.