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  1. itsmeusa

    Anyone Got EAD

    No, I haven't yet received EAD/AP... I was originally planning to raise a SR today (18th Nov) as 75 days have been elapsed since I-485/EAD/AP were filed on 3rd Sep. However I am going to wait until USCIS sends it. Reason being if I rush now and they issue EAD/AP, it will be valid for 1 yr and as you know, before 180 days of filing I-485, we should not change the job using EAD. So having EAD/AP in hand right now is of no benefit (at least to me).
  2. itsmeusa

    Property documents for mothers' visitor visa

    In my mom's case, we gave all such property / bank documents to CA and have him create a affidavit / certificate of what all things my mom holds, their current valuation, her banking records with balances etc. And my mom took that affidavit / certificate to the visa interview. Well, VO didn't ask for any document except invitation letter and she got the visitors visa.
  3. @ansari10 - I went thru the same situation in Mar/Apr 2010 timeframe. And I would concur to what pontevecchio and jairichi have been telling you on this regards. My PERM was approved exactly after 1 yr of filing, just before 1 month before my H-1b stay was about to complete 6 yrs and that gave us only 1 month to get I-140 approved. Luckily my employer and lawyer moved fast on my I-140 application (premium processing) and it was approved just 5 days before my H-1b hitting 6 yrs. My H-1b lawyer (different than GC lawyer) understood the situation and helped a lot to file H-1b extension for 3 yrs, exactly on the day when I completed 6 yrs on H-1b. In your case, it looks like you have enough time to get I-140 filed in premium and get is approved before your H-1b stay hits 6 yrs.
  4. itsmeusa

    Perm Audit - Case Number

    Same with my case - it was random audit and same set of documents were submitted by lawyer as you mentioned.. my PERM was approved later on...
  5. itsmeusa

    I485 RFE and now stuck in limbo

    Now that dates are retrogressed, you could only watch and see. Next time, when PD becomes current, please don't hesitate to contact your congressman or senator and make an emotional plea so that they are motivated to help you out.
  6. I think this is purely based on case-by-case basic. I, on H1b, sponsored for my bro's graduate studies and he had no problem getting F1 visa.
  7. itsmeusa

    Anyone Got EAD

    Only couple of folks are reporting who filed in first week of Sep'14 got EAD/AP. We all are waiting. If we don't get before TG, we may need to wait until first week of Dec'14.
  8. Once you are able to take the InfoPass apt, I guess, stamping I551 is a day's job. Moreover, like I said, you could travel either on H1b or AP, while entering US, just tell IO that your GC was approved, however due to immediate travel, you could not collect the physical card, they would verify I-485 is approved and let you enter. You have nothing to worry.
  9. itsmeusa

    Receipt number in Premium

    Employer / lawyer gets email within a day of USCIS receiving I-140 in premium
  10. a. Possible (one of my colleagues did the same). Reason because PERM approval doesn't lock whether your case is EB2 or EB3. I-140 approval locks your PD as well as category like EB2 / EB3. b. Possible. c. Yes.
  11. itsmeusa

    Request for evidence

    Awesome! Gr8, I am happy to hear good news! Your GC is exact replica of my case, similar Mar'09 EB2 PD, even same filing date :-) NSC 2nd, 3rd Sep filers started receiving EAD/AP, I am hoping TSC Sep'14 first week filers should start getting within next 2 weeks. If I don't receive within 75 days, I am already planned to open up SR. Best luck to you!
  12. itsmeusa

    Green Card portability - Help

    1. It's not mandatory, but it would waster of time and efforts if employer is really willing to consider starting your case as EB2. 2. Refer 1. 3. Porting of PD is possible only when PD is established by approved I-140. Your EB3 case hasn't yet started - its still in initiation phase. 4. I guess, you have enough time on hand to have I-140 approved by Dec-2016. However no one could predict how the process would go. 5. It's common trend that EB2 cases get GC quicker compare to EB3 unless you are Chinese (China born EB3 filers are getting GC quicker than EB2).
  13. itsmeusa

    I140 approved doing H1Transfer.

    Sure, once I-140 is approved, PD is yours to keep. What you were told - I had the same (mis)understanding for a long time and my doubts were cleared on this forum that that's not the case.
  14. itsmeusa

    I485 RFE and now stuck in limbo

    USCIS will keep adjudicating your application based on RFE submitted. However when 60 days were over, you should have made a lot of noise - like creating SR, contacting senator / congressman to start inquiry etc. You could have got your I-485 approved. Now, you would need to wait until your PD becomes current again.
  15. itsmeusa

    EAD/AP wait time expected

    Sure, you can use H1b to enter US. GC for first time filers from EB2 PD of Jan'09 thru May'09 - would be next year, however few of them would need to wait until 2016. It's not in our hands, it's the way USCIS works.