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  1. How is a DUI conviction looked upon at the time of H1b extension? How is a "wet" reckless looked upon the time of H1b extension? Is 1 better than the other? I have already received a visa revocation email so I cannot leave the country but can continue to work as the petition is still valid. I also read this: https://www.uscis.gov/policymanual/HTML/PolicyManual-Volume8-PartB-Chapter7.html
  2. oceans

    The Travelling Consultant

    Joe works for Company A. Company A holds his H1b visa and processing his GC. Joes is hired as a contractor by Company B on a C2C basis with Company A. Company B's group HQ are in NYC. Company B requires that Joe travel to client sites across the country based on the current project/ client requirement. Each project is 3-6 months long. For his first project, Joe travels to CA 4 days a week and on the 5th day works from his home in VA. Which address do you put on the LCA and H1b?
  3. oceans

    1-year outside rule for Lottery Based H-1B

    Thanks for your feedback. I did try and find it in the forums but was unable to do so. Can you please point me towards the legal guidance or law where it states that? The fiscal year starts October 1, therefore, I was told that as long as I am out of the country before October 1st, I should be eligible to apply in the following year's quota. Besides, I am legally allowed to apply 6 months ahead of time for an H-1B, therefore, by that argument wouldn't I be eligible to apply for April, 2016.
  4. Q) Is there any legal guidance/ law for the following scenario? I left the country on August 25, 2015. Would I be eligible to apply under the lottery on April 1, 2016 for entry on October 1, 2016. By then, I would have been outside the country for 1 year. I was not sure if the 1 year outside rule is applied "at the time of applying - April 1st" OR "at the time of entry on October 1st"?