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  1. rick131

    PIMS update time for Reaffirmed Petitions?

    it took 3.5 months for mumbai consulate to contact me for reinterview after my petition was reaffirmed.
  2. my interview was in 2nd week of feb '12. got 221(g) case sent back to uscis. they reaffirmed it within 4 weeks. now 3.5 months later, us consulate asked me to come for reinterview. most questions asked during the 1st interview were on E-E relationship. they doubted most of my answers during the first interview the moment I said i am working at a client location. before me there as this guy who got the stamping since he was FTE. pls dont get disheartened if you do not get stamping. Be hope ful that you will get the visa
  3. rick131

    Reaffirmed h1b petition mumbai interview

    my petition was reaffirmed in march. i got email from us consulate asking me to come for re-interview just few days ago.
  4. Hi Adil, WHat questions did they ask you during the re-interview? I have been called for reinterview at mumbai consulate. Why it took 20 days for Hyd consulate to issue you the stamp? Did they give 221(g) during the re-interview. Please answer to this thread asap. It will be lot helpful to me.
  5. My petition got reaffirmed in march'12.I used to all DOS everyday there onwards. a month later, DOS said that consulate database has been updated with my reaffirmed petition. some 2.5 months later consulate emailed me asking me to come for re-inetrview
  6. rick131

    H1B Green Slip- Mumbai

    Hi, I got yellow slip at mumbai consulate in feb '12 . they sent the petition to uscis . uscis reaffirmed the petition in almost 3-4 weeks. now some 3-4 months later, i received email from consulate asking me to come for re-interview on any business day. I also used to check my CEAC number on website of mumbai consulate. Be hopefil they will also email you asking you to come for re-interview.
  7. rick131

    H1b case 221(g)

    It took 25 days for USCIS to reaffirm my petition upon receiving my case from US Consulate.
  8. My petition was returned to USCIS for review and possible revocation. THis is what was written in a letter mailed to my residence by US Consulate. Now my employer re-filed H1B and I got the approval. Now my question is would the US Consulate send me an email asking me to submit the passport to VFS?
  9. Yes it is CEAC bar code number on mumbai usconsulate website. just google it and you will find it. sorry I cannot give here. I did not sign any documents. Most questions were on E-E relationship. I dont remember everything but questions were centered around E-E Memo.
  10. rick131

    Mumbai - Case StatusTracker

    Myself and my wife went for H VIsa stamping at Mumbai Consulate. Two VO Interviewed me for a while and they collected a photocopy of I-797, LCA and I-129 . My wife was not asked a single question. At the end, I was given a yellow page which said my case is pending adminsitrative processing. a website was given to me with a number on it. if the number shows up on the website , then my case is approved else my employer will contact me. No further documents were asked to submit. Still waiting for the case to be approved. Anyone in the same boat
  11. Myself and my wife went for H Stamping interview at mumbai US consulate few days back.. two officers interviewed me for almost 25 mins and I was given a yellow page with a website and number on it. if the number shows up on the website, then it means visa is approved else my employer will inform me. my wife was not even asked a single question.VO asked me most of the questions on E-E relationship. still waiting for case to be approved. any one in same boat? I met someone outside of the consulaet whose visa was put on hold
  12. I am also going to Mumbai Consulate for H1B Stamping around mid of feb. I am in EVC model. I am sure mine will be success for sure as I have all the documents and I am prepared to handle the questions. My employer asked me to focus more on E-E relationship . It is how we handle the questions. But again it depens upon VO too as one guy from our company went for stamping and VO took the documents he/she asked and gave hm 221(g) and did not even ask him a single questions. Poor guy. shoud not have happened like that.Just praying for him to get stamping ASAP. Thanks
  13. did you happen to receive 221(g) @mumbai consulate?
  14. Per my conersation with friend who as on F1 and travelled to india on h1, he submitted I-94 which was given when he came on F-1. he said they did not ask him I-94 which is on I-797A.
  15. rick131

    Which I-94 to submit ?

    I came to US on F-1 in '06 and got my first H-1B in '08 and my H-1B got renewed in 2011 and it is until '14. Now I am going to Mumbai towards the end of Jan. Which I-94 should I surrender at the airport? The one which I got it on airplane when I came on F-1 or the one now on I-797? Please advise . If you have been in such a situation, please let me know. No guess work please.