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  1. dream16

    Jamaica: NOT replying to EMAIL: Solutions?

    Don't know man, its weird, they SHOULD reply as we have paid a fee and atleast this level of professionalism can be expected.
  2. Hey Pratibp, i am getting an error while updating, if possible on your end, plz do it & will get in touch..thanks !
  3. dream16

    Jamaica: NOT replying to EMAIL: Solutions?

    Despite repeated emails, still no response...experts kindly advise !
  4. Also, since my PO is barely valid for another 60 something days, it is meaningless to show that at the consulate.
  5. Pingpong: I don't have any vendor: its my employer ---> Client : So basically, EC model. I received email from Client Director replying back that as per their HR policy they cant give me employment verification letter and i should get it from my employer. Consulate often approaches Clients directly and previously people have posted those standard list of 8 questions is what i am looking for...!
  6. Are you working in EVC model or EC? Did she ASK you about VENDOR LETTER? Is this your 1st h1b stamping? Is your degree same as in your current field of work?
  7. Hello Guys, Please post here if you are visiting Jamaica b/w 20 Jan-6 Feb, 2015 : It's a clumsy 2 weeks process in a best case scenario and hence will be more beneficial to split-up living costs. Thanks ......!
  8. Hello Guys, Please share/post the standard list of questions that the consulate EMAILS to the CLIENT to verify an h1b stamping candidate after a candidate has been issued a 221G Thank you for all your support and help !
  9. dream16

    221g- related question

    Do you guys happen to know the standard checklist that consulate sends to the client ? There are a list of 8 questions or so someone posted a while ago...!
  10. Hello Guys, I am trying to confirm with the Jamaican consulate that i am all good to come in for appointment in jan 2015 since i paid fee before 31 oct, 2014 & never received any cancellation email....but so far have NOT heard any replies from consulate, they say 5 business days is what they will take but no responses despite 10 business days gone by. Phone calling is not an option for NON-Immigrants. What other email addresses other than kingstonniv@state.gov have you tried to get a response? Thanks !
  11. Do you mean to say "Book a RETURN flight for 2 weeks ahead in future date" on the same day you are flying in to Jamaica through expedia and cancel after arrival?
  12. dream16

    H1B Stamping 221g

    Where did you go? India? Are you with a Desi Consulting? Had client letter? Please post complete details to get helped.
  13. dream16

    who ever coming to Jamaica, prepare to stay two weeks

    you can NOT go to jamaica now , reason: because u did NOT book your appointment before 31st Oct,2014 when the new policy came out ! I got my 1st stamp in canada and now going to jamaica because i booked before 31 oct
  14. Enough of moral preaching rahul412, what has happened in the past has happened and CANNOT be changed now...
  15. Experts, please share your advice on this situation: 1. Raghu has an LCA showing "Rate of Pay" mentioned in section F as $90,000 on LCA [From : $90,000 to N/A] per year 2. Raghu has an LCA showing "Prevailing Wage" as $65,000 on LCA 3. Raghu receives a W2 salary of $66,000. QUESTION: Has RAGHU or its employer has violated h1b because his W2 amount of $66,000 is LESS than "Rate of Pay" mentioned under section F in LCA of $90,000 ? or Is RAGHU and his employer OK because Raghu W2 of $66,000 is GREATER than Prevailing Wage of $65,000 for that year?