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  1. flyby001

    Filing N 400

    Can someone be a bit specific and reply. Thanks
  2. flyby001

    Filing N 400

    Thank you for your reply Shandan. So once the paper application is sent to IL by my attorney, USCIS redirects to any of the field offices and I would have no control on that as I understand. These are the field offices Indiana, Wisconsin, Iowa, Michigan, Minnesota, Ohio, Missouri, Pennsylvania Each of these have very different processing times and I want to get into the shortest queue. Can someone throw some light on this. Regards
  3. flyby001

    Filing N 400

    Greeting to all. I have a question and would appreciate a correct answer. I understand that I need to live in a USCIS service district 3 month Plus to file my N 400 from that district. (Example say District 15: Kansas City, Des Moines, Omaha, St. Louis, St. Paul). Each of the cities under the USCIS district 15 have different processing time. Can I be a resident of some city in that district for more than 3 months and file my n400 at another city where the processing time is less? Say I am staying at Des Moines IA last four months which has waiting time of months. Can I file my N 400 at St Louis MO where the waiting time is only 7.5 - 14 months? Would appreciate a quick reply. Regards
  4. Thank you Joe. If by chance you happen to be a Murthy's law firm attorney, can you please say what you charge for a 1/2 hour consultation and how can I request one. Thx
  5. Hi regards to all. Can some one please answer my below question. 1. My priority date is 13th Apr 2009. Self, wife and daughter filed the I 485 when the date became current. 2. Having completed the 12th grade my daughter left to India for her Graduation as at that time I did not have a permanent job or the GC. 3. Almost a year after she left all 3 of us got an RFE to get our medical done again. My daughter could not come as she could not give a break to her studies. Me and my wife submitted the response to the RFE and we got out GC's. 4.One Mr Shapiro filled our I 485; but me having taken up a permanent job, my case was transferred to our company's law firm, one Garfinkel law firm. Mr Shapiro refused to respond to mu daughter's RFE as mine and my wife's case was no more with him. So I guess her case was abandoned. 5. My daughter will be here the whole of December 2015. In case if my priority date remains current in Dec 15, can I file the I 485 for my daughter and later turn it to CP? She will have to leave USA on the 1st Jan as her university reopens after the winter break on the 3rd Jan 16. Would appreciate a quick answer. Regards
  6. Hi greetings to all. I have a question. Would appreciate if some one can reply. I understand that one needs to spend a period of 5 years in the USA to apply for citizenship. Me and my wife have got our Green cards in Oct 14 and we were told by our attorney that we can initiate the process of applying for the citizenship sometime in Jun 19, but we will not be considered till be complete the 5 year period. My wife intends to go to India for about 4-5 months next year. Will this period not be counted towards the 5 years? If such absence needs to be counted towards the 5 year period, what can that maximum duration of the absence be? Thanks Prakash
  7. flyby001

    Filing AC21

    Thank you. I however understand that for the filing of AC21, the name of the company, the position offered, the pay offered have to be provided. Is that true? In such case how can I file it even before getting the job. Would appreciate if you can please clarify this. Thank You.
  8. flyby001

    EAD renewal

    Greetings. My wife has filed for her EAD renewal. She has got the receipt of the filing. Is she eligible to work having got the receipt or does she need to wait till the application is approved. Thanks
  9. flyby001

    Filing AC21

    Greetings to all. Can some one please answer my question. I have an EAD and am thinking of settling with a permanant job. Is the AC21 to be filed before getting the job or after getting it. Thanks
  10. flyby001

    Help with USCIS job classification

    Can any Murthy advocate answer this please. Not many seem to have an idea.
  11. flyby001

    EAD Renewal processing time

    Can some one please amswer me.
  12. flyby001

    AC21 question

    Greetings to all. I was told that once I have an EAD, and my 485 filing is past six months, I can file an AC21 and change my employer and get a permanant employment. How ever I need to have an offer letter along with the salary details and start date to file the AC21. How can I get an offer letter from someone who is interested in my profile without the knowledge of my current employer who markets me. Can some one help me. Employers are generally greedy and do not want to ever leave you. I do not want to mess up with my GC having come to the last stage. Can anyone help me with this question. Regards
  13. If the processing time for EAD renewal same as applying for a fresh EAD? Can some one please help me with my question.
  14. flyby001

    Anyone in the same boat

    My EAD was filed end Mar 12 and status still shows "Initial review". My stamping is till Oct 14 My attorney says There is no point in taking an info pass. What shall I do? Thanks