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  1. Chinnu126

    H1B - Investing in rental property

    Should we contact a management company as individual or should we convert this property under LLC and then contract with a management company? which one is the better option.
  2. what are the ways for a H1-B holder to buy an investment property in US. we(both myself and my spouse) are on H1-B and both of us have our I-140 approved. we have a town home and we are now buying another one. single family house. we don't want to sell the town home and planning to convert this into a rental property. what are the ways for us to have both houses without selling townhome? I heard about LLC. but not sure whether we can register an LLC on one of our names being on H1 and if YES whom should we contact? Does it matter for LLC to have mortgage on the investment property Vs no mortgage on the investment house? appreciate all your valid responses and TIA.
  3. Hi Will it be possible to get a person to work in a restaurant in US who has experience of 7-8 years in total in this(working in cruise/hotels) line...including 6 years working on C1/D visa here in xxxxxx cruise lines? He also got b1/b2 visa stamped. Any possibilities to get that person to work on land in a restaurant by applying for O-1 (worker of extraordinary ability) or an L-1 (intracompany transfer). He completed his Bachelors in commerce and a year diploma course in hotel management before started working. Please advise!
  4. We did took the letter. But i was not sure how its missed. God knows, Whether its missed in the package or missed during the review....but my extn got denied with that reason.
  5. The denial reason was due to a missing document in submission regarding my project duration. We do have that document. How safe is it if my employer send an email with all these details to uscis requesting supervisor review?
  6. Got to know about the denial reason. The reason was the USCIS didnt get the updated agreement between my employer and tge prime vendor. The agreement they had received was ending in march 2014, hence they denied my extn. But i did take the new form and sent to my employer. It was missed somehow. Now, my employer is suggesting an approach of applying for some supervisor review and asking me to stay here for another 10 days. According to him it will be decided in 10 days. I am not sure what to do. Please advice!!
  7. Chinnu126

    H1:B denied- going for H4 stamping

    Reason is not known to me. Employer told me if they ask in visa interview...to say that reason is not passed on to me...and i made quick travel plans to leave the country as i m out of status. Will this be a problem, if i dont know the reason?
  8. Chinnu126

    H1:B denied- going for H4 stamping

    Reason is not know to me yet.... Lawyer/my employer have not dorwarded me the reason. They even told me to go for h4 and they can file for h1 on approved i140 after coming back.... And they suggested this as better approach than appeal. So i will be travelling this weekend Is it required to know the denial reason?
  9. Hi I got my 7th year extn denied and was advised to go to India to get my H4 stamping to come back. My spouse's H1 is valid till july 2014. Employer is not ready to file for H1 extn before end of May. I have to come back in april. So, if i go for h4 stamping during first week of april (with only 3 months validity on h1) will that create any issue during h4 stamping.?
  10. Thank you!! I was advised by my lawyer to go to india and get H4 stamping then come back here on h4.
  11. Also what abt changing to h4 and then to f1? My spouse is having valid h1 till july 2014
  12. Does that mean there is. No other chance to get back to work? >> can i file for h1 transfer as i hv approved I-140? >> what is the chance of getting onto F1?
  13. I got my 7th year extn denied. I had my I140 approved in nov-2012. My 6 years on H1 got over by jan-31 2014 and i got the denial notice after rfa on my 7th year extn on mar-24. Dont know the reason for denial yet. What are the options that i have now? Your valuable suggestions are welcome.
  14. Chinnu126

    I797B Approved instead of I797A - WHY?

    So what is the chance that I can get my VISA approved in this scenario?
  15. Hi 1. --> I came to US in Jul 2008 thru company A (I94 valid till June 2010). 2. --> Feb 2009 Applied for H1 to company B. (Got the transfer approved as I797A till Dec-2012). 3. --> Aug 2010 applied for H1 transfer to company C(Got the transfer approved as I797B till Feb 2012). While applied for transfer to Company C, I have valid pay stubs and everything. but still got 797B instead of 797A. Employer told me that USCIS is randomly approving I797B and I am one of them. Not sure whether that is true or not... Issue: Can anyone tell me whether I need to go out of country for stamping? My employr told me that I need to go and he suggested me to go to CANADA. My issue is I have pay stub for only one month during the Year 2009 and so I am worried if they ask me for the W2. So I am againest to go out of country. Can anyone give suggestions please on this situation? and also please let me know the options. I would also like to know, whether I will be out of status if I dont go for VISA stamping?? Please respond