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  1. rajiv_tiwary

    Naturalization / Citizenship

    Hi, I am going to take Oath in a week and my daughter is in the USA on GC. She is 16 years old. As you mentioned, she automatically becomes a US citizen on that day when I will take an oath. But I heard, need to file N-600 for her to get Citizen Certificate? My Question: - Can Apply for her passport along/during with my passport without N-600. If yes, what are the documents are required to provide for her? - Do I still need to apply N-600 for her if got US passport for her? Thanks *****
  2. Hi, I got green card in September, 2013 and my wife and Daughter both got green card in Feb, 2017 because she was living in my home country when I got GC. Question: I am qualifying to get Citizenship now. Can my daughter get Citizenship along with me? Or she need to wait to complete 5 years in this country. She is 16 years old. Thanks
  3. I need help. I am on GC last 2 years. My Wife & Daughter was in India due to some family constraint so she couldn't get GC along with me. After talk to Attorney, they advised to filled I-824 which may take 3-6 months process. On Sept, 2015, I have applied I-824 in NVC but there is no movement on application after 4 months. Could you please help if there is any way to request to USCIS to consider my application or expertise? Thanks
  4. rajiv_tiwary

    GC Abandon for Daughter

    Yes, she is 13 yrs old.
  5. rajiv_tiwary

    GC Abandon for Daughter

    Any idea please...?
  6. My daughter holds GC but due to some emergency she had to visit India and she stayed more than 18 months. Now things are stable and she is ready to come back. As far as I know the USCIS will most likely view that she has abandoned her green card. 1. Will help if I will call USCIS and request to allow her enter US on current GC? 2. If this is not possible, how can I bring her USA? 3. How long will such process take?
  7. I am a green card holder and currently I am in USA. My Wife had applied GC along with me and due to medical treatment outside USA, she couldn’t to go for Biometrics. As per advise from Attorney that time, I had withdrawn her application and she didn’t get GC. Now she is fine and ready to come back USA. 1. Does she have to apply family based green card or any other fast process option to bring her in USA? 2. How long will such process take?
  8. My Daughter is 11 years and got GC 2 months before. She has to return back India for family reason and will not be able to back USA at least 2 years. I am trying to file re-entry permit and have few questions. Can you please help on this. 1. What are the list of documents required? Remember, She is 11 years old and I (Parent) will still stay in USA. 2. From USCIS website I basically determined it to be 1. Copy of Green Card (front and back) & 2. Copy of I-551 (front and back). I am confused, what is I-551? 3. Do I need to provide any logical reason to get re-permit for her? If yes, where should I have to mention this reason?