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  1. Just a quick update, since my first post above, and thank you so much for all your responses earlier. Surprisingly we received the approvals for their I-130, without having to send any response to the queries from USCIS on my parents' Marriage Certificate. The approval reads that the NVC would be contacting my parents on the next steps for the Permanent Residency. However while filing for the I-130 in the first instance, I had not included the I-864 (Affidavit of Support) along with the I-130 application, nor any supporting financial documents. Do I need to send my parents the I-864 with the supporting documents now? Do I send them two copies of the same set, one for each of them? What other documents do I need to send them, before they appear before the Consulate there? What other documents do they need to carry with them? I would really appreciate any clarifications you can provide.
  2. Background: I am a Naturalized US Citizen, and so is my Wife. My parents are Indian citizens and aged 85 and 80 years. They have never visited the US. I have one estranged sibling (brother), who is an estranged son to my parents as well. I had applied for their immigration visa, but could not proceed with complying to queries raised, relating to their Marriage Certificate. They don't have one; nor is there any way for us to comply with the alternatives. So I had to abandon the process mid-way. They are pretty old, and will not culturally be able to settle down in a different country at this stage. So I wanted them to visit me whenever possible, apart from me visiting them. My only intent to file for their immigration visa was because, I was told that, me being an US Citizen, they would in all probability be denied a Visitor visa, since they would be categorized as "intent to immigrate". So though they didn't have any intent of settling down here, just to avoid being denied a Visitor visa, I had filed for their Green card (which of course I had to stop now as mentioned above). My question is: Is there any way they can file for their Visitor visa, given the background above, and not be rejected? What precautions / considerations / steps should they/we take to ensure that?