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  1. Hi: I am a J-1 scholar and have an O-1 petition filed on my behalf by my future employer. I got my 2yr HRR waived for the J-1, but my future employer won't file a change of status for J-1 to O-1 along with the O-1 petition. So I am kinda forced to go outside of the US and apply for an O-1 visa. I am thinking, if the O-1 petition is approved, I'd go to the US Embassy in Toronto. Are there any issues with going to Toronto for this or should I consider my home country. I do have a relative in Toronto whom I could hang out with, so accommodation is not a problem. I am more concerned about the consular office asking me questions about change of status or anything related to J-1 to O-1. If anyone has had any prior experience on J-1 to O-1 in Toronto, it would be greatly helpful if you shared. As is obvious, this is not for an O-1 renewal, but for a first time application for an O-1. Thanks.