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  1. Hello, I have approved I-140 and in process of gathering documentation for I-765 filing. My wife's name (first name as well as last name) was changed after marriage and the marriage certificate has her old name on it. We had prepared the affidavit for name change and submitted original while applying for her passport. Her passport has new name on it as well as my name on her passport as her spouse. Do I need to get original copy of name change affidavit for green card process? If yes, I will have to create new one as Passport Office won't return the one we submitted while applying for her passport. Any guidance? Thanks.
  2. SAP_fan

    EAD for dependent child after 18yrs age on L2

    Thank you JoeF. The response is clear now.
  3. SAP_fan

    EAD for dependent child after 18yrs age on L2

    Hi pontevecchio, Your response is confusing. For question number 1 you said yes that my son can apply for EAD and for 2 you contradicted saying no. Can you please clarify?
  4. Hello, I am on L-1A visa which is valid till July 2021 and this is true for my wife and son on L2 visa. I just got my I-140 approval under EB-1c (multinational manager) category which was filed on 20-Oct-2017. My priority date is not yet current. here are my questions: 1. Can my son (19 yrs old now) apply for EAD along with my I-765 ad I-485 when my priority date is current? 2. Is there any way my son can apply for SSN now and apply for internships or on-campus jobs on L2 visa? 3. If answer to above questions are No, then when can he? Thanks for responses and help in advance.