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  1. vidhya reddy

    I140 not approved -> got laid off today

    Thanks much JoeF and rohang. Your inputs were truly helpful
  2. vidhya reddy

    I140 not approved -> got laid off today

    Hi All, My friend's I 140 was applied in July 2015 from company A and no update yet. His 6 years of H1b is over and he got 1 year of extension based on perm( until oct 2016). Company A fired him and he has to leave the country in 3 weeks.He has a family here and wants to stay here in US Questions are : 1. If he finds company B who would sponsor can he transfer the H1 ( since he is in the 7th year of H1). what are the chances of his H1b getting approved. 2. If he has to leave the country and if company A's I 140 gets approved while he is out of the country. Can company B still file H1b based on the I140 approval from company A Any inputs are appreciated
  3. Rahul, It is a consulting company but is a reputed one and has over 700+ employees all over the world( US, China and India). And ofcourse they do have multiple genuine clients.Company was infact surprised to hear their first case like this for the past 20 years. Honest reply for H1 visa fee is employer paid himself . My cousin had formal 3 rounds on interview before they filed for H1b. Not at all a typical small consultancy
  4. Unfortunately they re-interviewed him today and cancelled the visa based on the reason that end client is not genuine and they have some other reasons regarding the employer. Now what are the next options that he has 1. Can the H1 be transferred from company A to company b in US(provided the petition has not been cancelled) 2. Or what is the next best option.Can Murthy attorneys help?? Please advice
  5. Thanks Rahul. Lets wait and see. Will update back
  6. Hi All, My cousin in India applied for H1b through a reputed consultancy in US who has an end client project and his H1b got stamped on Dec 23rd. He also received his passport within 3 days.His ticket has also been booked to US in March 2016. Yesterday some one from Hyderabad US consulate called him and said officer wants to meet him and gave him appointment on Friday at 8-30 AM. Please see the email below.Has anyone seen such kind of emails before? Any input would be appreciated. February 23, 2016 Passport Number: ******** Email: *********** Dear Applicant: Please come to the Consulate on February 26, 2016 at 8:30 a.m. Please bring your ORIGINAL valid passport or ORIGINAL valid photo identity proof (Government issued – Passport, any ID proof e.g. Driver’s License, PAN card, Electoral Identity card, Aadhar card etc.), print-out of this letter, while coming to the Consulate General. You must arrive no more than 15 minutes earlier for your visa interview. On the day of your visa appointment, come to the Consulate General front gate on Chiran Fort Lane. There is no parking available. The following items are NOT permitted inside the Consulate General: mobile phones, electronic personal digital assistants, cameras, audio or video recording devices, lap top computers, portable music players, travel bags, back packs, brief cases, suit cases, cosmetics (including but not limited to spray perfume/cologne and talcum/baby powder), bottles of any kind, food items, and any sealed envelopes or packages. Security staff may prohibit other items in addition to those listed above. The Consulate General cannot store prohibited items. If you bring prohibited items with you, you will have to dispose of them before entry. For more information please visit the website: Hyderabad U.S.Consulate. We hope this information is useful to you. Sincerely, Consular Analysis and Liaison Unit U.S. Consulate General Hyderabad, India Email: HydCEA@state.gov
  7. vidhya reddy

    Vendor not releasing payment - Please assist

    Thank you JoeF for the information. We were truly misguided by the CPA who opened the firm and not just that we contacted many CPA's and we did get the same kind of info. Anyways I'm planning to get in touch with Murthy law firm attorney to figure out the next steps. Thanks
  8. vidhya reddy

    Vendor not releasing payment - Please assist

    Hi JoeF, Thank you for you reply. As others mentioned, I have my own S-corp and I'm working through my s-corp. I don't have any employer in this case. I was working on corp-corp basis with the vendor company. I have all the signed contracts , approved timesheets and invoices. But still they are not releasing half of my November pay.I have followed up for almost 6 months now but of no use. I really want to get that money back and I'm very frustrated by their unprofessional behavior . Please let me know the best possible way. Thanks, Vidhya
  9. vidhya reddy

    Vendor not releasing payment - Please assist

    Hi Omshiv, Thanks for your reply. Can I really approach labor attorney in this case? If so can you please let me know how to contact them. Or any kind of info is of a great help. I have the all the documents contract between my s corp and vendor company and all other documents like approved timesheet , invoice etc.. Thanks, Vidhya
  10. vidhya reddy

    Vendor not releasing payment - Please assist

    Hi, I'm on EAD(not the primary applicant) and have my own s-corp since last year. Last year I worked for a client until November 2012 . The structure is my s-corp -> vendor company - > Implementation partner. For the month of November 2012, the vendor company , released only half of my pay. But the implementation partner confirmed me that they released entire payment to the vendor company. I used to work on corp-corp basis with vendor company and I also have approved timesheets and invoice. I have sent them atleast 30+ emails and no response to emails and phone calls. My questions are: 1. What is the best possible way to get my money from vendor company 2. can I complain to someone regarding this? Please assist Vidhya
  11. Hi p4paulian, I'm not the primary applicant and my husband's priority date is dec 2004. I got exactly same RFE that your wife received. 2 days ago our attorney received a "NOTICE TO APPLICANT" saying that the RFE was sent by error in my case So we did not have to respond to RFE. Hope this info helps Thanks, Vidhya
  12. Hi, Our EAD extension was approved on March 10th but attorney forgot to apply for AP along with EAD. We then applied and the receipt notice has a date of Mar 22nd. One of my family friend(who is very close to me) is undergoing treatment and has major surgery few days ago and i really want to meet her once. So the questions are: 1. Would I be eligible to expedite the I-131 process int his case? If so what are the documents that I would need to provide. 2. Should I have any documentation to prove the relationship since I dont have any. Please advice Vidhya
  13. vidhya reddy

    2 full time jobs on EAD..Please advice

    Hi My husband is on EAD with employer X and this employer is the sponserer for GC.After a very long time he got a local project thru a vendor Y company but they are asking him to be on their w2.He accepted the offer today and immediately his old client requested my husband to work remotely for the next 2 months.My questions are 1.Can he work remotely full time with employer x company and also work full time with vendor Y at the same time 2.Are there any risks working on 2 different jobs while on EAD 3.the reason he wants to work for employer X is just for the sake of his GC approval.485 has been filed on march 2012 Please assist
  14. vidhya reddy

    EB3 to EB2 porting - concurrent filing

    Thanks much Belle for your time and response!
  15. Hi, There have been several discussions about this topic in the forum but I'm trying to find a right answer. Could someone please have a look and let us know the best option. My husband has an approved labor and I140 from employer A in EB3 . The priority date is December 7th 2004 He moved to employer B , 4 months ago and applied labor in EB2 . Labor got approved last week. My questions are 1. Should I140 be ported by employer B first by applying in premium process and then apply for 485? 2. Or can we file I140 and 485 concurrently . Is there any risk involved in this process? 3. If my question 2 is possible, how long it might take to get an EAD? Please assist. Thanks, Vidhya