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  1. aruns4

    H1b Visa stamping done in Kingston, Jamaica

    first h1b stamping allowed in Jamaica?
  2. aruns4

    H1b Visa stamping done in Kingston, Jamaica

    Is that your first H1 stamping? what are your answers for the first and second question?
  3. can you share your email in your profile? I have couple questions.
  4. Congratulations. Do you mind sharing your email? Few questions
  5. were you working from India mean time for your client?
  6. aruns4

    Successful O-1 stamp Toronto

    Thanks for your response. How many publications? Any other international/recognized award?
  7. aruns4

    Successful O-1 stamp Toronto

    First Congratulations. Did you had COS to O-1 in the US ? what is your answer for the questions- "Why do you have O-1 rather than standard work visa?" If you dont mind me asking, what is your job role in the US? The reason being I only come across few O-1 status holders and have never seen anyone who works in technology/science and business.
  8. aruns4

    Successfull F1 to H1B stamping- Ottawa- EC Model

    " I am aware that when u make a fresh entry to US any prior status violations are erased." Just because you get a new I-94 you violations aren't forgiven.
  9. VWP is only for B visas You have to be present physically for visa interview. Check the average visa processing time. Should be less than 4 days I believe.
  10. "Before sharing my experience I would like to let everyone know that you can come down to Mexico even if your previous visa was from mexico. there is a mis conception that we need to have atleast one stamp for the Visa we are applying for from the home country. Thats not true. My first h1b Visa stamp was from Matamoros mexico and now from Tijuana." This used to be but not anymore. US consulates in Mexico accepts only renewals.
  11. there are lot of people who went to Vancouver. Just hit search and help yourself.
  12. aruns4

    221g from toronto

    you have to wait patiently till you hear back.
  13. aruns4

    Co-employed by 2 companies

    If petitioner is Company B I think you should be fine.
  14. aruns4

    Current situation in Ottawa

    what did you respond to 4 ?
  15. aruns4

    H1 Appt. at Toronto, Canada

    yes you can.