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  1. Hello members How do I go about obtaining external recommendations ? Any advice/methods used by others is greatly appreciated. Most experts who may be able write for me, even at other institutions, have either collaborated with me or co-published with me in large scale projects. Should I write to folks who have cited my publications (globally) ? Is this a good/proven strategy ? Any other strategy ? show up at a professors door :) ? I have met only 2 folks who would genuinely fall under the "external recommender" category, and I am not even sure they will reply to my request. Thanks!
  2. I am pursuing both options Labor certification by an employer with whom i am not employed yet (GC - future employment) and NIW as a self petition. Is there a potential problem with this ? What if the Labor is approved first ? does it in anyway affect the NIW ? as not requiring PERM is one of the features of NIW...
  3. I am pursuing both options Labor certification by an employer with whom i am not employed yet (GC - future employment) and NIW as a self petition. Is there a potential problem with this ? What if the Labor is approved first ? does it in anyway affect the NIW ? as not requiring PERM is one of the features of NIW...
  4. Hello folks My cap exempt I-797 and corresponding I-94 expires on September 23rd 2014. The new I-797 and I-94 that was approved this week has a start date from October 1st 2014, so there is a gap of 7 days between my old I-797/I-94. and the new one. The attorney who filed this petition says that this is not a concern and will not affect my work or status. Can you guys confirm ? What would be my status for that one week in between ? Would this affect my future options (GC etc) ? I also need to renew my drivers license.
  5. sganesh02

    Attorney Misleading me ? gap in I-797

    So what is my status in the 7 day period ? In the future if I disclose the various status's I have held in the past (like I did for my new I 797) would I not be lying by not disclosing this period with no document to establish status ?
  6. Hello Members I have finished 3.5 years on my H1B I work for a firm that does business solely with the federal government. While they said its usual for them to do GC for positions like mine while hiring me, they have been non-committal and always saying that it will be done in the future. (same is true of many other colleagues on H1B). I see the online records and I see they have done 2-10 GCs on an average every year (the company has about 7500 employees and gets 25-30 people on H1B every year). Is there a reason federal consulting companies don't do GCs easily ? perhaps reflects badly on them if they hire a lot of foreign talent ? I am talking about a new job to another company (also a federal contractor but much larger, my work area has less of other options), but I wanted to know if there are such hidden agendas that they are not transparent about. its their prerogative of course, I just hope they are more transparent about such policies if there is such a reason.
  7. My employer says there is time and will do GC when in the fifth year. My H1b 6 years will be over on Jan 4th 2017. I am assuming my GC process should start sometime in 2015 for me to be not too late. Can the better informed here tell me when it will be too late ? Ganesh
  8. sganesh02


    Did anyone pay attention to this clause in Page 311: "EXCEPTION FROM LABOR CERTIFICATION REQUIREMENT FOR STEM IMMIGRANTS" The details below are full of circular references to other legal clauses and the clauses in the bill it self, so I am cautiously thinking that the PR process for STEM advanced degree folks waives requirement of Perm. Anybody has any idea if this is what it implies ?
  9. Hello folks I got hired by a company from a University job. The client of the company was a federal goverment (my company works exclusively for the government), so they just transfered my cap-exempt visa from the university to cap-exempt visa sponsored by them (the only requirement for cap-exempt H1 is that the "work location" must be non-profit, not necessarily the employer, so even though my company is a for-profit corporation, they can still do cap-exempt visa for me). I asked them recently about converting this to a cap visa this april season. The company wants to have discussion with me and their immigration lawyers together on this, since I already have a cap-exempt visa and can continue working without any problems, they feel this new visa is redundant. The problem though is that I would like to be on a cap visa, since if something were to happen tommorrow (like I was fired or laid-off) then I will more options to look for another employer under a cap visa...and I find the cap-exempt visa very restrictive since one can work for only a handful of employers.... I will be meeting with the immigration lawyers soon along with my manager. Any suggestions on how I can convince them to sponsor a cap H1 for me ?
  10. I work for a non-profit organization with a non-profit/cap-exempt H1B visa. I want to switch to a industry position and the the new employer will have to file a cap-subject H1B petition against the quota, and I can start working only on October 2012 after the petition is approved. I was thinking of starting to look for potential job offers from June 2012 because it felt like a reasonable time frame since I can start working only in October. I dont think any employer would wait till October for me to start working, if, for example, I applied for the job in April 2012 or before. BUT the visa numbers are vanishing, and I am not optimisitc that anything will be left after June 2012... I feel I am trapped in a Catch 22 situation where if I look for jobs early then I wont get anything because I can start working only in October. and If I look for jobs at a reasonable time before October, then the Visas are not available. Does anybody have an advise about what I should do to move to Industry ? Has anybody dealt with this situation before ? any advise is much appreciated. Thanks
  11. I have been talking to a couple of companies over these months intersted in hiring me, but the catch 22 problem of April -> October persists as it comes across as too big a gap. One recruiter was really surprised that such a situation can even exist and said that not too many people are aware of these conditions. He asked me to appeal to the goverment or write a letter (the most I can do apart from applying or jobs) appealing to redress this catch 22 situation for people with cap-exempt visas. Anybody have suggestion on how I can go about this ? Should I work with an attorney on drafting a letter ?
  12. Hi I just came back from India after a H1B visa stamping. Who is supposed to pay the steep 190$ HDFC bank fees that is needed to book the interview ? Is it usually the employer or the indivdual intentending to travel ? (since this is payed by all kinds of Visa seekers)
  13. sganesh02

    Got a full time job not applied for H1

    You are still eligible to apply for jobs that can file cap exempt H1B petition for you. Typically Non Profit institutions and University jobs fall under this category, and your employer can file for H1B in these positions year round as they are cap exempt.
  14. Thanks! I dont yet have an offer, just started applying for some jobs. I was applying earlier in January 2012 without properly checking the quota numbers and one of the employer/interviewer asked me if I knew that the quota was all over in Nov 2011, and that I cant really transfer easily. So I was waiting, and just started applying....lesson learnt! I still have 4.5 years on H1B, but I am feeling stuck as Non Profit is not in my long term goals. I am planning to consult an Attorney, I wont have the option of concurrent employment if I do get a job offer. (I think the other option in such scenario is to start working once the petition is filed according to AC21 portability and stop when its approved to resume in Oct. the very premise sounds so complicated and diffcult ;-) ..well ) @wiweq: thanks! that seems to be the only option. I am already late at the rate at which Visa numbers are going, should have worked on that earlier.
  15. Hi I work for a non-profit organization with a H1B visa. I am planning to apply for positions in the industry. The visa number for FY 2012 are over, so If a new employer wants to hire me, they can file for a petition starting April 2012 for FY 2013. if the petition is approved , when can I start working ? Will I have to wait for Oct 2012 to start working for the new employer or can I start working once it is approved ? Thanks