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  1. ashuneel

    Temp Remote work on H1B in India

    You are not in H1 status once you leave US. your visa is valid.
  2. ashuneel

    Question regarding 6 month validity rule

    6 month passport validity is only required for getting US visa at consulate. I-94 validity should be sufficient for exiting US lawfully.
  3. ashuneel

    PERM ad - employer website

    Ad needs to be posted at the place of work.
  4. ashuneel

    Eligiblity for 1year h1b extension

    You need labor approval or pending for 1 year to get H-1B extension.
  5. you can own a company. you cannot work there. you cannot be employee and employer at the same time.
  6. It makes no sense to give such misleading advice when your own application for extension of stay is pending for 4 months. What is the basis for getting updated I-94 with expiry on or before June 23.
  7. They can stay as long as decision is pending.
  8. The employer should apply for H4 extension at the same time as H1.
  9. 4 Indian American ‘entrepreneurs’ in California, Nevada charged with H-1B visa fraud conspiracy. multiple news outlets have carried the story from May 9, 2016.
  10. 4 people were charged with conspiracy to commit H-1B visa fraud, use of false documents, and mail fraud, among other offenses, last week. People need to wake up and not let such operators ruin the H-1B visa program for the rest of us.
  11. As mentioned earlier there is no such thing as H-1B transfer. employer B application is a new and independent application which will be decided on its own merit. Employer C application will also be treated same. Employer C can apply for visa but it will be denied if employer B petition is denied. I am assuming she is working for employer B at this time. If she is still working with A then there is less risk as employer B petition does not matter.
  12. Pay slips from employer B mean nothing. If you are asked for pay slips from employer A to show that you were maintaining legal status before joining employer B then prepare to provide explanation. premium processing does not change the outcome of the application.
  13. IF VO has questions your wife should be able to answer them. What visa is she applying for?
  14. ashuneel

    i485 g325 biographic info

    1.Use G-325A 2. It should be the address you lived at( Permanent address) when you departed home country to start F-1 studies. 3. Write None. Instruction says "If none, so state".
  15. If you are sick for that long then you need to apply for SDI or other medical benefits. You cannot just stay at home and get no pay. How will you prove that you are really sick and not just sitting on bench without pay.