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  1. Hello Considering that a person has met the requirement of 40 credits, the Social security payments should continue to citizens of India according to information in this url. Has anyone actually tried this? I know the probability to find such a person in late 60s or early 70s is very low, but just wanted to find out if this actually worked for anyone. https://www.ssa.gov/international/countrylist4.htm
  2. AxialTilt

    221g Blue Slip - Chennai

    Everything depends upon the policies of current administration. If they want to hold people up on 221gs as they did during 2009-2011, they can do it. At that time, FTEs never had any issues. Only consultants had issues. Even if we see a return of such policies, it is highly unlikely that full time employees will get affected. Travel plans and work schedules should be the last of your worries at this point. First priority is getting that 221g cleared and there is nothing you can do except to wait. With 221g, there is no timeframe for the processing time. It totally varies case by case. Good luck and hope it gets cleared soon.
  3. AxialTilt

    Domestic voilence arrest record H1B stamping

    If the case was dismissed, there is nothing to worry about. I don't think it will affect the stamping in any way
  4. AxialTilt

    Question about FBAR form

    I just came to know about the FBAR form and I have a couple of questions regarding that. I saw on IRS website that we are supposed to file the FBAR if we have a foreign account with aggregate value of 10,000$ in a calendar year. 1. I have an account in India that has more than 10,000$. So, it means that I have to file the FBAR form. Please correct me if that is not the case. 2. Now, after we file this form with IRS, will I incur any taxes here in the US for the interest earned on that account in India? Please clarify Thanks!
  5. AxialTilt

    Visa stamping question

    I had visa stamp from company A until Dec 2013. I applied for H1B transfer and I am not working for company B. My new H1B is approved till Dec 2014. If I got for visa stamping in July or Aug 2013 and get a 221g for any reason, can I come back on the visa stamp that is still valid until Dec 2013?
  6. AxialTilt

    Demand Data for March VB is out

    Forget about Jan 2009, that is very optimistic expectation. If it moves to mid 2008, we should consider ourselves very lucky
  7. Demand data for March VB is out, I guess VB must come out sometime later today http://www.travel.state.gov/pdf/EmploymentDemandUsedForCutOffDates.pdf Number crunchers, any guesstimantes?
  8. We are not living in 1890's anymore, you are asking us to compare with people in 1890's and feel happy about it???
  9. You are contradicting yourself, you say it is a way of moving the system forward based on PD - which clearly means the design is FIFO. But because of inefficient work (that is the best way to describe the crazy movement of PD's in a a country which runs on technology), the FIFO got messed up in a very bad way. Everyone knows that.
  10. Your ship has sailed, you got your GC, you don't care about people stranded in the middle of the ocean anymore, very easy to say just go back, travel all the way back, forgo whatever u travelled so far, case closed. It is not that easy. People here are just sharing their thoughts that FIFO is a fair policy and when it doesn't work out like that, it stings. When you see people with a later PD than yours get GC before you do, it does matter. The whole concept of PD is to ensure FIFO, and when the whole cause is getting defeated by the crazy movement of PD's, it is not as simple as 'move back, case closed' just because your ship has sailed.
  11. AxialTilt

    Number of Portings

    I know there is a lot of uncertainity because of portings happening. Here is a post on murthy forums. Very impressive calculation. I am posting the same calculation here again. Here is how to find the porting from eb3 to eb2, with respect to country India. Federal year spill over = the total number of pending eb3s in Oct/current FY - pending eb3s in Oct/previous year - number of EB3 visas allocated per year. For Instance consider India, for FY12 the total number of pending eb3s in Oct/11 - pending eb3s in Oct/12 - number of EB3 visas allocated per year. FY12 = 51,758 - 47,354 - 2803 = 1601. FY11 = 56,640 - 51,758 - 2803 = 2079. FY10 = 60,874 - 56,640 - 2803 = 1431 If the numbers stay according to the trend this year as well, EB2 India might return to 2007 or early 2008. Hope it stays according to the trend.
  12. No one is asking for your advise or suggestion.
  13. AxialTilt

    Predictions for March 2013 Visa Bulletin

    LOL! Totally agree. That is a better deal than waiting for a GC here
  14. Totally feel your pain, I missed filing my 485 last year with a PD of March 2008, with the retrogression, I am not able to file until the dates move again. Very frustrating
  15. I have no hope that dates will move in February Bulletin. Any hope that they will move in March 2013 bulletin? People say they are likely to move in March because of spillovers, any idea about that? My PD is March 2008 and missed filing my 485 last year. Hoping that I can file that at least this year.