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  1. Hello experts, What happens to my status now? My H4 petition was approved on 7/15/2014 and then my H1B petition got approved on 7/18/2014. I have FT job in hand. Do I have to leave the country and come back? Please advice
  2. Hello Experts, I need some help with my situation. I have an approved I-140 for my employer in state A. I am looking to relocate to state B but still work for same employer. Employer said they will file H1B amendment. But I am concerned about my Green card processing because my LC ( of GC) only specifies location of State A. On a side note, my employer doesn't have an office in state B I did a little bit of research online and here is what I found out 1. Restart the GC process for state B 2. Switch to another employer and port the PD 3. Do not relocate Are there other options so I can avoid #1, #2 and #3. I am thinking I can move back to state A when my PD ( Jan 2012) becomes current. Please advice
  3. Hello, My baby is in India. My parents got their visa recently and my parents are coming to US with my baby. My question is at the point of entry will this be a problem?? Please advise. Thanks, Hasitha.
  4. hasitha

    Successful H1B Visa Stamping -- Van, Canada

    are you a Full Time employee? or work for a consultancy?
  5. You had quiet an experience/ordeal. Congrats
  6. hasitha

    Visa approved

    Can you give more details like employment model, which consulate? I think that will help others too.
  7. hasitha

    Visa stamping at chennai with no 221g

    Try calling the consulate and find out the status but I would give them couple of days before contacting. Do you know why the VO said there was discrepancy?
  8. hasitha

    Kids allowed?

    txresearcher, your best bet would be email the consulate you are heading to and explain them the situation.
  9. hasitha

    Vendor support inhouse engineer -

    an0n, thats what I was planning to explain. Thanks much. I have scheduled an appointment with my attorney to go over this as well.
  10. Do you know or guessed why she was issued 221G?
  11. I hope you will get your passport in time for Visa stamping. In NY they are taking atleast 2 weeks nowadays.
  12. hasitha

    Canada TRV status - NY Consulate

    Thanks for all the replies.
  13. hasitha

    H1B extension in Vancouver Feb 2013

    Did you have any middle vendors? I am trying to find your employment model
  14. Congrats justFYI. Did you get a chance to talk to others who went for interview on the same day?
  15. hasitha

    Vendor support inhouse engineer -

    can somebody please advice