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  1. Thank you very much Attorney 20. Appreciate your reply. I have one more question: You stated that "a request to interfile, or replace, the old EB3 I-140 petition is made when the new EB2 I-140 petition is filed" I was wondering if my current employer will come to know that I have filed a GC with other employer when we file for PD transfer? Thanks Sugnani
  2. Thanks Attorney 20. Will I still be able to work with the old employer after receiving the new I-140 from future employer? My plan is to join the new employer only after receiving the GC. Thanks SK
  3. Thanks Belle/Attorney 20 for your quick reply. Will I be able to use the PD of the original GC? Can you tell me when do we usually use this PD? Is it while filing new I-140 or LC? Thanks
  4. Like many others here, I am stuck with EB3. I am currently on approved I140 with priority date of April2006 and applied my I485 also. Now I am thinking of filing a new GC in EB2 category through new(future) employer but continuing to work with current employer. My question is: In case there are some issues with new GC labor/I140, can I still go back to existing I140? Do you guys see any issue with this. Has anyone here been successful? Appreciate your responses. Regards SK
  5. Hi, I have an approved I-140 / EAD with a priority date of March 2006 but under EB3 with current employer. Is it possible to use this PD and file under EB2 with another employer(future employment) while continuing to work with current employer? Appreciate your response. Thanks, Starman