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  1. Hello Gurus, EAD/AP expiry:10/31/2018 PD=4/10/2009 I am planning to apply my EAD/AP card renewal by 6/30/2018; I used to live in Charlotte, NC and that's why my I485 was filed in TSC and so does subsequent two renewals of EAD/AP. But I recently moved to Chicagoland - should I still file for renewal in TSC or in USCIS Phoenix Lockbox address ? If I need to file in Phoenix address due to this relocation, then will it cause additional processing delay because my records are with TSC ? Also, the USCIS processing time site ( https://egov.uscis.gov/processing-times/ ) does NOT list Phoenix as option to check its processing time for I-765 (EAD) nor I-131 (AP). Thank you for taking time out of your busy schedule and reading through my questions and providing solutions. Regards Rab
  2. Hello Gurus, My I-145 application is pending adjudication since past 2 years in EB2 India category. My current employer "ABC Financial Services" had merged with "ABC Americas" in June'2016 and the new entity name is "ABC Americas". The "ABC" part in the company name remains same. So, my employer recently filed I-140 amendment for "SII - Successor in Interest" for this company name change - at USCIS Texas service center. Technically it is just company name change because my roles & responsibility remains unchanged. USCIS Texas service center recently taking 4-6 months to process the regular I-140 application ! Now I got a new job offer from another company. Can I use AC-21 now to change to this new company if the job code SOC is same/similar in the new company ? OR Should I wait until I-140 amendment application is approved ? In I-140 SII amendment filing, current employer did NOT attach the original certified PERM because USCIS kept the certified PERM during original I-140 processing. Will this cause RFE I-140 amendment processing ? How much risk do you see if I now change company now using AC-21 ? Can you please share what are my options until I-140 amendment is approved ? Thanks in Advance for your time ! Best Regards,
  3. Hi Gurus, I worked for Company-A from Mar'2004 until Aug'2013 (total 9.5 yrs) and they filed my GC in EB3 in Apr'09. Later I moved to Company-B & redid GC to upgrade from EB3 to EB2 and retain the priority date. Subsequently Company-A revoked my earlier I140 in EB3 during Jan'2014 because I left them. I filed I485 in October'2015 in EB2 via Company B and received my EAD. Now Company-A wants to rehire me in a position that matches with Company-B's green card job description. If I am rehired in Company-A using EAD and H-1B transfer (as backup) then can I continue my GC I485 process through them ? Provided that Company-A is willing to offer 'Letter of Employment' to USCIS when needed. What challenges can I face in this option during final adjudication (interview or RFE) of my I485 since Company-A earlier revoked my I140 and I have around 6.5 years of experience not counting Company-A's experience [My Company-A total experience is 9.5 yrs] ? Has anyone opted rehire to EB3 company in higher post after upgrading from EB3 to EB2 ? Any help or comments is highly appreciated. Thanks
  4. Is it possible to summarize the clarification provided on gray area of the AC21 “Same or Similar” Occupational Classifications from this new memo ?
  5. Hi Gurus, I am in trouble and running out of luck. Looking for suggestions & options from gurus here; I have a very tricky question on my H-1B amendment filing. Here are the data-points. 1> I am currently on 10th year in H-1B extension & the extension is valid until 15/Sep/2016. I had a previous I-140 approved and that's why I was able to continue to stay beyond 6-years limit in H-1B. 2> My earlier H-1B transfer from Company A to Company B was approved in Oct'2013 based on the old approved I-140 from my prior employer Company A. 3> I joined Company B in Nov'2013 for their in-house project (not a client location) and my H-1B petition was approved for in-house project ONLY at the time of H-1B transfer. 4> Company B just filed my new PERM in October'2014, PERM is not approved yet by DOL. The intention is to port my old priority date during company B's I-140 stage. 5> My earlier I-140 petition has been now REVOKED by my former employer Company A because I left Company A. Revoked date : Jan’2014. 6> Now company B's in-house project would be ending soon in Dec'2014 and I need to relocate to other project at a client location; So H-1B petition amendment is required by company B as I am moving out of their in-house project. 7> When Company B (my current employer) files for my H-1B petition amendment due to move from in-house project to Client location, what are the chances that my H-1b amendment would be approved by USCIS ? because I do NOT have a new I-140 approved yet from Company B, my PERM is not pending for more than 365-days yet and my old I-140 from Company A alreay revoked. (the basis on which USCIS earlier granted H-1B transfer beyond 6 years no longer valid) Is the H-1B amendment filing case sure to get rejected and/or RFE'd ? Please note that this is NOT an H-1B extension filing, rather just the amendment filing and I have new project itinerary detail as supporting document of the amendment. What are my options available ? Thank you for taking time out of your busy schedule and reading through my questions and providing solutions. Regards, Rab