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  1. please consult a lawyer. what will be your status while working for company B? do you have EAD work authorization from your previous employer A (not mentioned)? if you don't have a pending I-485 with EAD, you cannot work for company B without work authorization so you will need H1 from company B or wait until they apply your LC, I-140, and you apply I-485/765 before you can start working for company B.
  2. please consult a lawyer. you can try FOIA request.
  3. redgreenbluee

    H1B to B1, B2 or F2

    please consult a lawyer. since you have a F1 spouse, the best option would be F2 since B1/2 will have a limit of 6 months. your new employer can petition your H1, you will be cap exempt but you will only have less than 6 years on your H1 (time left on your current H1), to get a new 6 year H1 time, you need to be outside the US for at least a year and you will need to apply for new H1 subject to cap.
  4. please consult a lawyer. you will need to start working with your future employment GC petitioner employer after GC approval.
  5. please consult a lawyer. your company A I-140 remains valid unless company A revoked their petition. you can apply I-485 for company A's petition if permanent job offer remains valid. with an approved I-140 from company A, you can port PD to company B and C in the future.
  6. please consult a lawyer. it is best to be prepared in case of delays and retrogression, apply I-765 EAD renewal as soon as possible.
  7. redgreenbluee

    GC for my wife

    please consult a lawyer. she will be eligible to apply for I-485 as your derivative when your PD becomes current as long as she has maintained her lawful status in the US.