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  1. Nicecar

    I-140 TSC

    TSC for I-140 regular processing wait time is 7+ months. I believe July end 2014 filer just start receiving approvals. Would be wise to upgrade to premium processing if your case is beyond 4 months pending
  2. Whichever employer you are currently working with would consider
  3. If your priority date is 05/2014, I would not go for I-140 PP since there would be a chances for RFE in PP. Most of pepole got RFE in PP. Regular processing would take about 4-6 months.
  4. Nicecar

    Future RFE

    if you don't have an attorney, all correspondent would go to your old employer's address which was used during petition.
  5. I have an approved I-140 from company A back from 2007, now I am with company B on EAD. Company B filed PERM LCA and was approved in Apr 2014. My lawer was going to request my old PD from employer A (04/20/2004 - EB-3 India) when he file for I-140 old PD (inter filing). Before lawer submit petition he was going through company's last year (2013) tax file documents and lawers seems the numbers are not that great to get I-140 approved so we have to wait until 2014 tax file --- Is this true company need to supply tax file returen with I-140 petition? Another thing PERM LCA is getting expire in Sept 14 so lawer is planing to file just couple of week before it under reguar processing without tax document. Any input on this issue would be greatly appreciated.
  6. Nicecar

    Aug 08 VB - Why did EB3 India stop movement

    Agree with Belle. All spillover from EB1 will go EB2 first untill PD is current for EB2 and then EB3.
  7. Nicecar

    2nd Time FP is Possible?

    Hello Experts, PD: 05/2004 (EB3-Ind), already have EAD (working on EAD) and AP. I-485 receipt date 07/2007 Finger print already done back in 2007. I heard sometime you will called in for second time to take finger print - Is this true?
  8. Hello, My company filed my H1 extension in Jan 2013 and already got approved (EB3 IN PD: 05/2004) . There was an administration site visit was conducted by USCIS officer in March 2013, I was called in for an interview in USCIS office (according to officer I was told this was rendom audit), after that interview USCIS officer emial our attorney that they had completed and close this case. Now on 05/22/13 another filed office had conducted another site visit and was told same thing, employer and I was called in for phone interview - was completed on 05/24/13 and we were told same thing this is rendom case pick. Till date company attorney or employer have not received any notice or correspondence yet. Our I-485 case (myself and wife) was now transfer to VT office from TX office on 5/31/13 saying reason; "you I-485 FOR ........... case is being transfer to VT office for further and faster processing on 5/31/13, this office will now have juridiction over case. Once the decision made you will be inform......." Does anyone has any idea why they had conducted admin site verification visit twice and case was transfer to another office? Attorney says this transfer has nothing to do with site verification, may be they are working on that year cases since about 14 months left to be current. Please advise - would be appreciated.
  9. Nicecar

    URGENT........H1b Audit

    Hello Frinends, Does any one ever went through Homland Security audit? What would be expected? Please advise ASAP. Officer came to employer's office - wanted to talk to me applicant. Does any one have any idea what he wanted to know. Thank you in advance for reply.
  10. Hello Friends, Have H1 valid till 1/25/15, EAD is current as well along with AP. If I want to work other place (Part time) what would be best option - I am thinking on 1099 (as a consultant)? If I use EAD I would no longer be on H1. Please advise fellows.
  11. I have same situation. My current H1 with Company A is expiring 01/13/2013 - have EAD with EB3 PD 04/2004. Should I extend H1 with company A and then transfer to company B or remain on EAD?
  12. Hello experts; Need littlebit openion. India EB3 PD is 05/2004, has current EAD & H1 expiring on 01/12/2013. Should I extened H1 or stay on EAD? Lawers recomand H1 extension - not sure due to fee opurtunity or not. Urgent reply will appreciate.