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  1. pingpong

    I485 RFE on primary and dependent (EB1 case)

    Worst case you can always show them your entry/exit stamps from the country you resided in after you immediately exited US. But boarding pass or copies of air ticket are better. You can also show them the utility bills, bank statements or any other documents that might proove that you were outside US. As always with USCIS its your responsibility to answer the question beyond any doubt.
  2. pingpong

    I-485 RFE on Marriage Certificate & I-693

    1) Please approach the local authority who registers marriages where you got married and request a new certificate issued with full name. If possible try to re-register your marriage this time with full name or like your attorney mentioned get a notarized affidavit explaining why your name cannot be corrected. 2) I-693 is only valid for 1 year since USCIS has recently stopped extending it automatically for pending cases. So please approach your closest USCIS approved civil surgeon to get a new one. Take your vaccination record along.
  3. pingpong

    H1B Job Layoff + expecting child

    1) Check with immigration attorney. 2) Check with immigration attorney. 3)Check with immigration attorney. 4) Anyone born on US soil are US Citizens irrespective of their parent's immigration status. 5) Yes
  4. If your are still working with your old employer and the application with your new employer is still pending you are fine. But if you quit and already joined new employer then i guess you have to start new application. Check with an immigration attorney on this.
  5. pingpong

    Previous employer paid extra salary

    Keep records of your communication of intent to return your paycheck. Also approach your HR from current employer who might request consultation from an immigration attorney on how to deal with this.
  6. Approach nearest CBP's differed inspection site. https://www.cbp.gov/document/guidance/deferred-inspection-sites
  7. pingpong

    Cap Exempt for Expired H1B

    Yes you can. You have to work with an prospective employer to have her H1 reinstated.
  8. pingpong

    Can I complain to DOL ?

    Hi you will need to approach WHD with DOL. I would also suggest consulting an attorney but do discuss the formalities like how he/she is going to charge you.
  9. pingpong

    Problems with Online Travel History

    Without reading too much into your issue. Please approach the nearest CBP deferred inspection site in case you are in US. https://www.cbp.gov/contact/deferred-inspection/overview-deferred-inspection I was in a similar situation and had it corrected. They are naggy but gets the job done :-)
  10. pingpong

    Travel to India H1B

    I would advise to request your employer to start extension proceedings at the earliest. in my case, I traveled to India and came back with barely 3 months left on my visa/I-129 approval. POE officer asked me if my employer has started extension process to which i replied that my employer initiates the process 60 days before expiry. I was asked if i have any I-140 approved since my H1 6 years limit was set to expire as well to which i responded in positive. I also got regular H1 POE questions but passed through. Didn't feel officer had any issues with it. he was just curious and doing his job :-)
  11. My 2 cents :-). Dont go by someone else's experiences. Your case might be different from someone else's situation. Please go through AVR rules and see what fits you better. You can always call help center @ DHS
  12. pingpong

    Travel with dependent and her parents

    No matter how you approach POE officer, He/She will take a decision based on the facts presented. Your parents will be subject to questions which judge what their intention of travel to US is. Will they be a risk to the security of US, potential immigrants and all that mambo jumbo. As H1/H4, you are already expected to immigrate at some point so potential immigrant is out of question. He/She will check to see if your petition is still valid, employment status, etc. Most probably your parent will be asked to approach POE separately and you and your spouse together. It all depends on the POE officer/s
  13. This only applies if H4 dependent is in states. If you are outside the country please approach your nearest consulate and apply for H4. Your spouse/parent need to be holding a valid H1 status( approved I-129) at the time.
  14. pingpong

    H4 Visa - DS 160

    Which ever is the latest. If your amendment is pending/approved, I believe that would the I-129 petition supporting your H1-B. Hope this helps. As always :-), I am not an attorney so please dont take it on face value.
  15. pingpong

    H1 b visa -urgent need help

    Hi, I am sorry that you are in the current situation that you are in. Your employer was within his/her right to withdraw your H1 since you were out for so long. You can always approach a new employer or have your past employer place you in a position with which they could apply for re-instatement/transfer. You wont need to re apply via lottery (unless you passed 6 year limit without a previous I-140). If your H1 visa stamp is still valid you dont have to go for a re stamping (consult your attorney on this).