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  1. Successful Visa stamping on at Ottawa. I am grateful of murthy to provide this platform where we all users get help. Thank you all friends for sharing your experiences and make all of us comfortable to face any immigration process. It was my second time at Ottawa. Questions. 1) Do you have same title and same company (as last time)? No madam, different company & different title. 2) so what do you do at company ABC? 3)what is a base salary? 4) what is your education? 5)have you done any research or just course based? 6)have you studied networking or security in MS? Answer:no 7)what was your major? Thanks you. Gratitude to God.
  2. ArunJAD

    Entry visa or Tourist visa to India?

    Hi svasa I am in same dilemma as you are in for my 4 months old baby. Could you tell me that what have you decided?
  3. ArunJAD

    porter airlines - how reliable ?

    My appt is on 12th Sep, hence travelling on 10/11 weekend.
  4. Going to Ottawa for visa stamping from Chicago. Do you guys have any suggestions for cheap travelling options? how reliable is porter airlines ? I know they don't allow free checkin baggage.
  5. While creating online GCKey to apply for visitor visa . Do I need to create 2 separate accounts for my wife& I . She is on h4. Then she does not employment letter or paystubs. Assuming we are filing separate applications , In that case do I need to provide mine employment details in her account along with sponsorship letter provided by me?
  6. Thank you guys ! I was asking because I am going to apply for this visa 3rd time. And first 2 times it was valid till my I -797 expiry. I believe scenario is changed now, which is really great . Thanks once again
  7. ArunJAD

    Visa Stamping after i-140 approved

    Since your H1b visa stamp is expired. You (/your wife) need to go for re-stamping while coming back to USA. Now as far as visa interview venue is concern : could be India (i.e delhi in ur case) or any other country ( Canada is very popular). You wife can attend the visa interview individually, you need not be with her.
  8. Guys , can you share that for how long your visitor visa is ? Is there a way to get it for more then 3 years ( more than your I-797 validity is) ? plz help !
  9. ArunJAD

    H-4 EADs

    raghuru, This is unfortunate but if you left the company (who filed your LC and I140) they can revoke I-140 any time. You must share ur old company name so other innocent people do not fall in trap by such people. Need some more information from you to answer ur question, If you have not completed 6 years yet. Your wife can not file for EAD ! but if you have completed 6 years and filed for further h1b ext using AC21 rule. Your wife can. Hope this info help. All the Best !
  10. ArunJAD

    H-4 EADs

    Do we need birth certificate to apply for EAD ?
  11. ArunJAD

    Power of Attorney : Help Needed

    Hi vs193928, I am in same situation as you were. Did you get your POA in time? I live in chicago and want to make Power to Attorney. Could you please help me to find out the draft for POA ? Did you use the general or special and where did you find that from ? How long the procedure took . What exactly is the procedure ? Your reply would be a great help. it is better if you can reply at newyork.penstate at gmail . com Thank you.
  12. ArunJAD

    I140- Wrong priority date printed

    My friend’s I140 is approved with wrong Priority date printed on it. LC was filed in Feb 2013. Due to a query so it got approved this year and I140 was filed with PP in Aug 2014. I-140 got approved with wrong priority date Aug. 2014. Attorney has filed for correction but does not know how long will this process takes as this does not comes under Premium processing. Now my friend wants to change his employer and there is an offer letter lined up. But this issue is blocking him. If he files LC with new employer without correcting this issue, which priority date can he use, Feb 2013 or Aug 2014? Any work around please?
  13. ArunJAD

    I-140 : Wrong Priority Date Printed

    Hi Experts, This is an issue happening with my friend. His company filed for LC in Feb 2013. Got a query and delayed the process, finally LC got approved this year then I-140 was filed with premium processing in Aug 2014. It got approved in but i-140 shows priority date as Aug 2014. Attorney has filed the application to correct that date to Feb 2013. Application is under progress. God knows how long will it take, since this request does not come under premium process. But now the issue is, he is planning to change his employer. he got a new offer as well. But this I140 issue is blocking him. In this scenario, if he files LC with new company without correction, what priority date is he entitled for ? the one printed on I140 or the actual one when LC was filed ? Is there a fix for this situation ?