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  1. @DBJ have you already applied your mother’s GC? And recieved an RFE requesting your BC? did you have any affidavits submitted or planned for explaining this situation?
  2. Hi Velugu, could you please share your your experience with your mother’s application process for birth certificate? I’m also in the same boat , so wanted to check how you provided the proof of birth certificate? thanks, Naani.
  3. Thank you for your reply @pontevecchio!!!
  4. Hello folks, I'm an employment based GC holder, applying naturalisation after 5 years. In N-400 form, Part 8 , I've a question Regarding employment history. I had worked in the past with consulting firms , for which my client location address (where i physically worked) is different than my consulting employer address (where my payroll and W2 is generated). So which address I should fill for the employment history section in Part8 of N-400? Hope to see some advice on this. Thanks in advance!
  5. Hi folks, One of my cousins got an RFE related to education background. She did Masters in USA and provided MS credentials as part of H1B application but USCIS sent an RFE saying that Masters degree is not accounted due to univeristy is not accreditaed and asked to prove the education background required for the speciality occupuation job. She aslo had done her Masters in Mathematics and Bachelors in Science from India and 3 yrs of IT experience in India and 1 yr of IT experience in USA. (Masters and Bachelors degree were not sent as part of the H1B application earlier). Are these sufficient to answer the RFE to get the h1b approved? is Masters in Maths be considered relevant studies for speciality occupation Please shed some suggestions and/or experiences on this. Thanks in advance!