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  1. Guys, It need help/advice here. So I went on Monday [3/13/2017] to Toronto for my H1B visa stamping. This is my 2nd time at this location. So everything was fine and I got my passport. Upon coming at home I discovered that I got B1/B2 instead of H1B by error. I filled my Ds160 as H1B and everything was for H1B. I guess it was a data entry mistake by the officer. Since he was asked me questions related to H1B. So my question is has anyone been into this situation? What should I do? I am planning to e-mail US Consulate in Toronto. Almost forget to tell you that while coming back I got e I-94 as H1B. Thanks
  2. I have been a lot of news about this and recapturing lost green card and not counting family members is also of the key points here. Any idea if this will make EB2 india or EB3 india current? Thanks in advance.
  3. If this happens will this be just of the illlegal immigrats or will it also include h1b issues too? Any guesses ? http://www.usatoday.com/story/news/politics/2014/09/05/obama-immigration-election-day/15130029/
  4. shortduck

    Unable to get Visa Appointment Date : Toronto

    try IE, and clear the cache
  5. shortduck

    Feb 26th Toronto 221 g yellow

    OP, was the person who took your inter a white young man with glasses?
  6. shortduck

    Feb 26th Toronto 221 g yellow

    OP, Just wanted to point out for some question you gave too much info. eg. VO: have you been working with the same employer for 4 years Me: Yes, I did my masters and then worked on OPT for some time and now on H1 the answer should have been just; Yes. OP don't get dishearten, if you have all the papers, you will give you the visa its just a matter of time. I understand the hard thought. I had my interview recently and went well.
  7. shortduck

    Unable to get Visa Appointment Date : Toronto

    There are only some days for which the dates are open in advance. You certainly can not book slot for 2015. I would say keep looking, the dates come and go. I initially got Feb 24th, but then ultimately got Feb 10th. The best part is the calendar windows does not timeout, so keep it open and refresh it.
  8. shortduck

    New Delhi dated anyone?

    Can someone please let me know the open dates for New Delhi ? Thanks
  9. Hello I recently went from DTW to Toronto. I forgot to give my i-94, but the process is to give it to the Canadian Office while interview. I was under the impression that they will ask. hope this helps.
  10. shortduck

    H1B stamping- Mumbai, India consulate

    I had the same situation recently when I went for stamping. My parent employer generated the paystub with its name but my h1b was transferred to their sis employer. Long story short, one needs to have the currect paystyubs, if someone was with employer B, the pay stub must reflect this. Ask your accounts to generate the paystub again and cancel the previous one. We have ADP, if this helps. If youe employer is reluctant to do, I would say wait for sometime to get more paystubs, had to do, I know. Just remember it will difficult for the VO to digest the sister company affair. and will raise more doubts.
  11. I had my interview on Feb 10th, will post a detailed post. but if you want faster passport pickup, request the VO the same and say that you would like to collect from the consulate itself. If he likes he will put a red sticker with some number on the passport and will give the rest of the sticker to you, with the same number. This was you can collect it the next working day. Hope this helps.
  12. shortduck

    Anyone going to Toronto March 5 stamping?

    Brampton, is the best bet (passport reaches first here, before heading towards another Loomis branch)
  13. My timeline Submission Confirmation - January-13-2014 02:46:46 PM EST Original Passport Request - January-20-2014 09:42:55 AM Passport came back in a week.
  14. This happens a lot, I guess some bug of some sort. Simple Restart the application. When the option comes to restart/upload/retrieve application, at that time you can upload the photo, Also try to user IE and not FF or chrome.