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  1. Hello, For my I-485 application I am a dependent my husband is the primary applicant. In our marriage certificate issued long back in India, my name is my maiden name. But for all other documents like my passport, H1B visa, my work experience, DL, etc. I have used my after marriage name. What documents should I provide to USCIS to prove that I am the same person with maiden name in my marriage certificate and after marriage name in all other documents? Is there any samples that are acceptable by USCIS to support the same? Thanks, Archana
  2. archana_alatkar

    RFE for I-693 form

    Hello, I had completed medical exam and sent medical documents for I-693 from civil surgeon to my lawyer around Oct 15 2020. And my 485 case was filed on Oct 27 2020. But not sure what happened, but received an RFE asking for I693 on 2 days back that 07/11/2021. Is it a valid scenario if I get the another copy made from the same civil surgeon even though the tests and examinations were done in Oct 2020? There is a clause that says the medical records should be done within 60 days of filing of 485 case. Would it matter if I request civil surgeon the same documents and send it to USCIS or should I go for new examinations? Thanks for your response!
  3. archana_alatkar

    EB2 and EB3 Upgrades/Downgrades

    Hello, I have I 140 approved for Dec 2010 PD in EB2. Now I am currently working on H4 EAD since a year. In order for me to get on EB3, what are my options if I don't find an employer willing to transfer my H1B and start processing my GC? Is it necessary for me to be on H1B to start GC processing? Do I need to change employers? Thanks!
  4. archana_alatkar

    COS from H1 to H4 in processing and new job offer

    Thanks for your reply! Does this means a company can file for my H1 even if COS to H4 is in processing and I can leave the country to get stamp of H1?
  5. Hi, My COS from H1 to H4 along with EAD application was applied in March and in processing status. Now I got a job offer and I am not sure if a normal H1btransfer will do or wait for H4 approval. I have an approved I 140. Please let me know in case of waiting for H4 approval is their any other way to expedite the process? thanks!
  6. Hello, Here is the situation. I worked for an employer who filed for my H1B visa extension in early January this year and I got laid off in the last week of January. The HR told me that they won't notify the government about my lay off. I have a I 140 approved by a previous employer in 2011. And my current H1B visa will expires at the end of March this year. I am currently looking for my next opportunity and still not applied for change of status. My husband is on h1B with I 140 approved. Will it help if I request my employer to go for a premium processing of H1B extension? Given the chaotic nature of Trump's policies on legal immigration, what would be my best course of action to keep my H1B safe until I land my next job? Thank you, Archana
  7. I am also interested to know the answers to vijayk19's questions. I have an additional question: Can a person whos is currently working on H1B with I -140 approved from ex-employer still be eligible for EAD on H4 if the working spouse has I-140 approved by previous employer and not the current employer? Thanks, Archana
  8. archana_alatkar

    I94 extension - without leaving USA

    I called the Customs and Border Protection Seattle (my local city) and they advised me to email them a request to get my I 94 amended with required copy of documents. They amended my I 94 within 24 hours of my email and the latest I 94 is valid until the expiry of my I 797
  9. archana_alatkar

    Where to get I 94 corrected?

    i94.correction.seattle@cbp.dhs.gov I was asked to send copies of the below: 1. Biographical pages of old and renewed passports (No other pages) 2. Visa page 3. I-94 card (They didn't ask for this, but I sent it anyways) 4. Form I-797 Approval Notice I used "I-94 amendment" as my email title Thanks, Archana
  10. Hello, My husband works for ABC and has an approved I-140 from this employer. But if he joins another team that falls under subsidiary of ABC, does the green card process starts from scratch like filing labor, etc.? Need to get this information before switching teams. Thanks, Archana
  11. archana_alatkar

    I 94 Expiring soon..HELP

    I live in Seattle and got my I 94 amended through email to CBP. see my post and reply here http://forum.murthy.com/index.php?/topic/86963-where-to-get-i-94-corrected/ I would suggest you call them and find out if they entertain that.
  12. archana_alatkar

    Where to get I 94 corrected?

    Actually, I called the Customs and Border Protection Seattle (my local city) and they advised me to email them a request to get my I 94 amended with required copy of documents. They amended my I 94 within 24 hours of my email and the latest I 94 is valid until the expiry of my I 797 Thanks, Archana
  13. archana_alatkar

    Where to get I 94 corrected?

    Hi, I got my I 94 until April 29 2015 as my passport is set to expire on May 01 2015 during my re-entry to the USA. But I got my passport renewed after my re-entry. Where should I get my I 94 extended since I have I 797 until 2017? But I have my visa until Sep 2015. Is it possible to get the I 94 extended until the validity of I 797 instead of my visa without crossing the border? Thanks!
  14. archana_alatkar

    Passport validity to re-enter USA on H1B

    Hi all, I recently returned from my India trip without any hassle. Just that, my I-94 is set to expire a day before my passport expires. Thank you all for your helpful inputs. Thanks, Archana
  15. archana_alatkar

    Company spin-off and new I 797

    Hello, I work for a company that got spun off into an independent company. So, I work for the new independent company now. I have a stamped visa from the old company (parent) and the visa is valid until March 2015. But the new company has issued me a new I 797. I am travelling to India from Seattle, USA from Oct 18th to Nov 1st 2014. Do I need to get a new visa stamped? Or the current visa is sufficient for me to re-enter Seattle, USA? Your response is highly appreciated! Thanks, Archana