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  1. HI , my moms B2 visa is expiring on Dec 31 2021. Can she travel to us before that? Will there be any problems at POE? Please advice. Thanks
  2. HI, I received the unfortunate news about the sudden demise of my father. I immediately arranged my travel to India leaving my family in USA. My current visa in passport expired more than 24 months ago. What are the option I have to get visa stamped? Can I request for emergency visa appointment? Please share if there is a facebook or whatsapp group who are in the same boat. Please advice. Thanks Raj
  3. hi, my wife is working on H4 ead and she recently went to India got her stamping done (valid till end of 2020). If I transfer my H1b , 1) can my wife continue to work on current H4 EAD until it expires? 2) Should I file H4 application along with my H1 B transfer or as she has till end of 2020 , should I apply then? Please advise.
  4. raj517

    H1B Stamping Ottawa May 8-12

    HI, Could you please let me know the available dates in May at Ottawa consulate? Thanks
  5. Hi My labor and I 140 was approved from company A in 2011. I moved to company b in 2013. Company A canceled my I 140. If I move back to company A , can I140 be reinstated? Please advice.
  6. Hi I applied for H1b Transfer in PP on Dec 11 2012, I got a RFE on Dec 14, 2012. Employer replied to RFE on Jan 18 2013 but I don't see any updates on my case on USICS website, it is still shows initial review. If we get RFE, does the H1b transfer process moved to regular processing? Please advise. Please post your comments if any one or if your friends were in the same boat. Thanks
  7. Hi I applied for h1 transfer and there was a RFE. We replied to the RFE on Jan 18 but USICS denied my case stating that they did not recieve the RFE docs. My attorney is trying to contact USICS. Do u know of any one is this situation ? Pls advise
  8. raj517

    H1B Premium Processing after RFE

    I dont know which center my application went to. Did you get your approval?
  9. I am in the same situation guys, I filed for H1b transfer in PP on Dec 11 2012, received RFE on Dec 14 2012. Employer sent response to RFE on Jan 18 2013 but still my case is in intial review. Pls advise. @srpunuru How did you know your application is in security check?
  10. raj517

    H1B Premium Processing after RFE

    It shows the same message "15 days ....." I replied my RFE 40 days back still no update from USICS. I applied in Premium Processing. Did you get your approval?
  11. I am transfering my H1 to a new company. If I start working for them once I receive receipt number, and H1 transfer gets denied, will I be out of status or will I remain with my current employer? Please advise.
  12. Hello friends my wife got H4 visa last month for two years with my current employer. Now I am applying for H1 transfer next week.My wife is planning to travel next month to US. My question is can she enter into US with visa she got last month or should she get new visa after my H1 transfer is approved with new employer. Please advise.
  13. Hi Friends, my I 140 was approved last year(13 months back) and I dont have my I 140 approval copy or receipt number with me. My current employer is not sharing this information. I got good offer and want to transfer my H1B to new employer B. Will I able to port my old PD when I my new Employer B files for PERM & I14O ( without having previous I 140 approval receipt# or copy)?? Please advice. Thanks
  14. I need to make a decision soon... Experts please advice...
  15. HI Friends, Are there any dates available for H1b stamping in Canada for the month of Nov 2012? I need to travel to India in the last week of NOV 2012 and I need to get my visa stamping done to come back.I am on EVC model, what are my chances of getting a visa in Chennai? Do you know any one on EVC model got visa stamping in India? Please advice.
  16. HI I am working in EVC(Emp-Vendor-Client) model and trying to figure out which is the best option for visa renewal, India or Canada. Please advice. Thanks
  17. HI My I 140 is approved from my current employer and I am in the process of H1 transfer to other company, Is there a possibility for my current employer to cancel my labor and I 140? Please advice. Thanks
  18. Thanks for the response. can I retain my PD if my current emp revokes/cancels my I 140 before my H1 transfer is complete? Thanks
  19. HI I have my I 140 approved with my current employer and If I change my employer I know I need to go through the labor and I 140 process again but can I retain my old priority date? Please advice. Thanks