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  1. I arrived in US on 4th July 2015 . I need to fill in form W4 for tax allowances . I was present in US in 2013 on H1 for 32 days and in 2012 for 345 days.


    1) Do I file it as a Non Resident alien or Resident Alien ? (For 2015 I will be in US for 181 days)

    2) How many allowances I can claim ? ( I am single and have 1 job and no one can claim me as dependent.)



  2. If you answer all of below with yes , then yes you can . http://www.ustraveldocs.com/in/in-niv-visarenew.asp

    • I have a previous U.S. visa in the same class as the visa for which i wish to apply
    • My most recent visa was issued in same country
    • I received my visa after January 1, 2008
    • My most recent visa (in the same class for which I am applying) was issued on or after my 14th birthday
    • I have no refusals for a visa in any class after my most recent visa issuance
    • If I am applying for an H or L (individual) visa, my prior visa in the same class is still valid or expired within the last 12 months

  3. Sorry I have one more question . In DS 160 security question I selected "What is your mother's mother name ?" and answered it wrong with mother's father name . I dont see a way to change it . Do I have to fill in new DS 160 ? Or it will work fine without issue as its just a security question ?

  4. There is a question in DS160 , "Have you been ten printed before ?" . I dont remember if I did . I checked my 3 year old DS160 where I had answered as Yes . I am not sure why I had answered yes . At this point I dont remember if I ever did . Should I just answer No ?