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  1. USADreams

    How many months paystubs needed for stamping?

    I carried last 15 months paystubs . But I wasnt asked for it . I would say 6 months is enough .
  2. USADreams

    OPT and H1b visa stamping plans

    kumar_grr is right . I would suggest you to go while you are on F1. Although if you have all documentatin there is nothing to worry for h1 Stamping .
  3. 1. Can a first time H1B visa approval go to Canada for stamping? > You should go to canada only if you have masters from US 2. What Consulate location is the best (in terms of results) in Canada to go for H1B Visa stamping? >If you have proper docuentation consulates doesnt matter. 3. As i work in layers model (Employer-Mid vendor- Client), my Client's policy does not allow them to provide me any client letter but they can provide me other evidence which can proof my employment with them as a >I have seen some similar cases . But IMO its not a good idea to go without a client letter .
  4. USADreams

    DS-160 Question.

    Yes state all answers in DS160 truthfully rather than landing in to any type of problems at time of interview . Answer it yes and explain it in textbox that is shown at bottom .
  5. You didnt make your question clear . But I will try to answer it based on what I did . If you will be married at time of interview fill everything as Married . I got married on 27th Jan and got my appointment for 3rd Feb . I filled DS 160 and got Appointment on 23rd Jan as Married for me and my wife .
  6. Hi everyone I would like to share my experience with my wife at mumbai consulate on 3rd feb 2012 10am . I am full time employee of company and my company had declined to provide company's tax and employee documents so I was quite worried. My Interview was at 10am and I reached at 9:15 and there was already a really long line there so I will suggest you guys to reach earlier than that. We entered inside at around 9:30am . Inside there were already so many people waiting for token. First finger prints were taken for me and my wife. Than we did wait for about 1.5 hour for our turn for interview . I could hear questions one lady officer was asking.i saw about 8 interviews on that window and only one was rejected. Finally my.token came . There was a white guy taking interview at that window. I gave our passports. 1. What company you are working for? 2. What you will be doing for the company? 3.what will be your day to day activity? 4. So you will be working at xyz's location? 5. What is salary? 6 when you got married? 7. Show me marriage certificate 8.how many people were there in marriage? 9. marriage date? 10.how u guys met? 11. show me wedding photos 12. to my wife : what will u be doing in USA? Did u read this template ? I said yes . And than comes the words I was waiting to hear Thank you sir your visa has been approved and you will receive your passport in 3 to 5 business days Not a sIngle document was asked. I would suggest people to keep marriage album small with main photographs cause I saw 2 people carrying a huge album and had to go through album when officer asked for fire ceremony photos. I carried only 70 wedding and reception photos. I saw 5 interviews where hey were asked work location related questions . And just for 1 person she said everything on your case looks ok but we needs some additional processing to approve your visa.
  7. USADreams

    Successful H1 and H4 stamping at Mumbai

    I remember that all interviews I see were non FTE interviews . They were all being asked EE related questions like . Where you will be working ? How far is employer from client ? How you communicate to your manager ? How many times ? etc. I heard all of them granted visa . I heard like about 4 inteviews which were EVC or EC model . 3-4 were guys with children they were not asked any EE related question so I guess may be they were FTE . In one case I a lady officer said that "Everything looks good in your case but we need some additional processing. " . One of my friend in EC model got visa with his wife. Other friend with EC model did got 221g. Let me know if you have any other questions .
  8. I am going for my H1 stamping and my wife's H4 stamping . I will be going to ahmedabad for document submission . Do I need to submit two seperate packages for me and my wife OR it has to be 2 copies of documents in one package ? Thanks
  9. I have a question while making appointment . There are 2 options 1) A resident of India/Bhutan 2) An Indian citizen resident in the US. I will be going for appointment next week at Mumbai for H1B with my wife for H4. I am in US for last 4 years and Got my H1 approval starting Oct 2011 . My wife is in India and I will be adding her to my appointment . Which out of 2 options above should I select while taking appointment. I really appreciate your help in this matter. Thank you
  10. This is what my employer has provided me for employment verification letter . Do you guys think there should be any more information mentioned in here ? Date: [Date of issuing employment verification letter] To Whom It May Concern: Dear Sir, This is to certify that Mr. [First Name] [Last Name] is an employee at [Company Name] and is working as a [Designation] since [Date]. [His/Her] current gross salary is USD [xx,000] ([salary in words]) per annum.He is a full time employee and working directly with the company. If you have any questions regarding Mr. [First Name]'s employment, please contact our office at [Office HR Phone Number]. Sincerely, [signature of person issuing this letter]
  11. I am going to india in next few days . I have one I-94 which I have when I entered US on my F1 Visa back in 2009 . From H1 Approval I have got another I-94 . My questions is do I have to give airline both I-94 or just previous I-94 that I had and take H1 I-94 with me ? Will I-94 be needed in india for stamping ? Thanks a lot for your help.
  12. I am planning to schedule an appointment for 6th Feb 2012 in Mumbai for me and my wife . If in case I need to go alone for interview . Can I remove my wife from appointment and reschedule it for her later on may be after 15 days or a month ? Also will I be able to use same HDFC receipt ? Thanks a lot .
  13. USADreams

    pink slip, US embassy at new delhi

    @ netx8 Can you please post your experience too ? I am FTE and going in Feb .
  14. USADreams

    Employment verification letter

    @GC2k6PD I am in similar situation how ever my salary difference is 5k . I got letter with latest salary.My offer letter mentions old salary.
  15. USADreams

    Employment verification letter

    Do you need to specify duties / job description ?
  16. @visahelp23 Can you please post your experience ? What questions were asked and what you were asked for in 221g ?
  17. USADreams

    Help for H1B Stamping in Mumbai , Feb 2012

    Going in Feb 2012 . I am FTE .All those who are going mumbai soon please post your experience .
  18. They might find difference between LCA and your pay rate . But if you can explain the reason there should not be a problem . For example some one can be sick/Family reasons and worked less amount of hours and salary might be cutoff .
  19. USADreams

    DS160 as Sinlge or Married ?

    I am going to get married 26th January and than go with my on interview with my wife for H4 . I will be taking appointment before marriage but will go for interview after marriage . Does any one know if I file DS160 for both of us for now should I have it as single or married ?
  20. I am going to get married 26th January 2012 and than go with my on interview with my wife for H4 . I will be taking appointment before marriage but will go for interview after marriage . Does any one know if I file DS160 for both of us for now should I have it as single or married ? If I file now as Single . I wont be able to change DS160 after I submit it and after taking appointment I will have to fille both DS160 again as married ?
  21. I see following answer about the family application . Lets say I just fill my own DS160 . And I am not using "Thank You" page option to add my wife and fill in a separate DS 160 for my wife . Is that ok ? Can I schedule appointment using separate DS 160 applications ? Thanks for your help I am travelling with my family or as part of a group. Can I create a family or group application? Yes. On the "Thank You" page you will see an option to create a family or group application. When you select this option, certain information from your application, such as destination, will automatically be imported to and displayed on a new application. Please note that if you use this option you will need to create an individual application for each of your family members traveling with you or for each individual within the group.
  22. I am in US and my fiance is in India . I will be going there for my marriage and after that we are planning to go to mumbai consulate for interview . I have few questions 1. Should I say I am single on DS160 ? Cause at time of appointment I will be married but as of not I am single . 2. I have not yet started the process of filling DS160 . I have got HDFC receipts . Can some one explain procedure on how I can schedule appointment together with my wife . Thanks and I will really appreciate your help .
  23. USADreams

    Two DS160 and Appointment confusion

    I am really sorry for not being clear. My point was that lets say I fill up my own DS 160 and I want to fill out my wife's DS 160 application separately rather than doing it from "Thank You" page will it make any difference . Yes I want to book appointment with my wife together.
  24. USADreams

    Two DS160 and Appointment confusion

    I mean that paragraph mentions that you can add family at "Thanks page" . But lets say i dont fill in at thanks page and start a new DS160 . Will there be any difference between filling them separately .