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    AC21 Portability

    I am working for employer "A" which has two office location in West Coast and East Coast, My Perm, I-140 has been filed and approved from East coast location. There are job openings with my current employer "A" in West Coast location with same Job title and job responsibility I am currently working in East Coast Location. Can you please clarify below points. 1. If I move from East coast to West coast, as there is change of work location with same employer "A" do I need to file AC21.? 2. Do I need to file 485J again for West Location along with AC21.? I have already filed 485J for East Coast Location. 3. With in how many days I need to inform USCIS about my change of Job location (AC21). 4. Is AC21 replaced with 485J.? or both same. Thank you. RNP.