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  1. My advice is to just continue with regular appt...............with drop box appt, there is a chance that you can be called for interview anyway.
  2. No there will be no issue.....your new H4 visa will be made valid to the same date as your husband based on his new H1B validity date
  3. even on day of expiry of her visa she can seek admission to the US......the visa is just an entry document that allows a person to be inspected and admitted by CBP at port of entry
  4. rksingh

    Cannot find old passport

    Only current valid passport is needed
  5. rksingh

    Divorce pending with H1B renewal coming up

    There is nothing for you to do as your wife is already in India..........had she been in US, she could have become out-of-status/accruing illegal stay if her H4 status expired. Just file for your H1B extension as if you are a single applicant without dependents.
  6. rksingh

    How legal is the this REIMBURSEMENT AGREEMENT?

    An employer cannot make you pay for H1B application documents fees (ie LCA, I-129, H1B anti-fraud fees etc) but they can make you pay for attorney fees, their hiring costs etc The text of the agreement that you mentioned above seems to favor your employer legally since they have not mentioned anything about you paying for the H1B application fees. My advice to you is to dump this employer as the $20K costs are pretty excessive. The job market is pretty hot right now...find another employer or tell this one flatly that the terms are not acceptable to you and see if they are willing to negotiate.
  7. rksingh

    Is it possible to travel to India via Europe

    a lot of it depends on where your transiting from.....Netherlands did not require a visa stamp but the UK does. Check with your airlines.....they usually have the latest info since ultimately they are responsible to ensure that you have the correct travel documents before they check you in.
  8. I would just chill and enjoy your GC...............some anecdotes on the web have suggested that USCIS has exercised its "discretion" and approved some I485's based on their "confidence" that Final Action is close enough......Jan22 bulletin for EB2 had FA date of 8JUL2012 which is very close to your priority date. If you still want peace of mind...then ask your attorney........................still my opinion is "Don't go looking for trouble" 🙂
  9. Because your I485 has been pending for more than 180 days, you do qualify to move to a new and similar job as your I140 by having your new employer file a new I485J...................BUT...........you STILL need some form of employment authorization to start work with new employer. That can only be done by either filing an H1B or waiting till you get your EAD/AP Card.
  10. rksingh

    Can we go visa interview without approval packet.

    Technically you only need your passport and proof of approval of your I129 Form (which is provided via the I797 notice) for Visa interview. All other documents (pay slips, client letter, etc are all simply supporting documents). If you have an advance notice from USCIS that says that your I129 was approved then it should technically be sufficient for you interview since the Embassy verifies the approval via PIMS (Petition Information Management System) as long as you provide the USCIS Case Number in your DS160 form.
  11. rksingh


    H1B is never "transferred"........a new employer simply files a new H1B application. If both get approved, then you have to decide which employer you want to start with and use that approval notice to apply for H1B Visa Stamp. If by chance you already have an unexpired H1B Visa stamp then you can travel to US and present the correct employer's H1B approval notice to work with them. There is no additional risk of another employer filing for a new H1B application.
  12. rksingh

    Visitor visa to attend a court case

    There is no special procedure...you just have to apply for B1 Visa with the court date as your reason for visit. You can provide the court docket details in your DS160 Visa application form and take the court summons/lawyer advice etc along with you if called for an interview. Apply as soon as possible....the embassies are severely backlogged. Duration of visa is dependent on Visa officer's decision
  13. Yes....he can apply for a H4 Visa based on you husband's H1B...........once he leaves US, his pending H4 Extension will be automatically abandoned but he will be eligible for H4 Visa stamp. There is nothing extra to be done as he is automatically a dependent of your husband. You may of course need to provide some sort of Letter of Consent to the embassy as he will be appearing/applying with only one parent present. Proof of parental relationship (Birth Certificate etc) may also be required.
  14. rksingh

    Visiting parents driving in USA?

    Usually family members authorized by the Primary Insurance Policy Holder to drive the insured vehicle are covered. However driving on a foreign drivers license is a gray area....technically they must have also have an accompanying International Driver's Permit along with their Indian Driver License. It is best to simply clarify with your Insurance Company to avoid any costly surprises.
  15. rksingh

    H1B staying in India for 6 months

    As long as you have a valid H1B Visa and your sponsoring employer still has the job available to you, you should not face any issue