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  1. rksingh

    DS 160 for Dependent SON (VERY URGENT PLEASE)

    Just fill in the date that you fill the Ds160 date...its OK since education is ongoing. Since he is above 14years of age, he will have to attend interview.
  2. rksingh

    Expiring I94 due to Passport Expiry.

    Yes, you will have to leave the country to get a new I94 number that will match your Sep 2021 date (you can go to India or drive into Canada/Mexico but for both these options you must have an unexpired visa stamp to reenter US). Considering the dates that you mentioned, it does seem that time is really tight. The other option to is to apply for H1B extension once you get your new passport. ***A word of advice for you and anyone else reading this: As soon as 9years of passport are over, apply for a new one to avoid falling into such situations. Remember there are many countries that require at least 6 months of validity after travel. Indian Consulates also advise people to renew after 9 years.
  3. No action needed....the current I-94 card attached to her I797 is sufficient. The online I-94 never gets updated to match current date of the I-94
  4. You don't need new stamping...You can enter with your existing visa stamp....just don't forget to present the POE officer with your new I797 approval form for your new H1B along with your passport.
  5. rksingh

    I94 date not match with I797

    Your stay is limited to Sep 2021. ***It is traveler's responsibility to present the I797A showing extended H1B status....POE officer has no clue that you have extended H1B past the date shown on visa stamp. 1) You can either drive into Canada/Mexico and drive back into US before your visa stamp expires and show your I797 AND tell the POE officer that you do NOT want to use AVR and want a new I-94 2) Or, you can apply for another H1B extension 3) Or, If you are feeling lucky, you can try to go to a CBP office and see if they will extend your I94 (sometimes they do but most of the times they refuse outright)
  6. rksingh

    First H1B stamping in Singapore

    Very few US Embassies allow 3rd country visitors to apply for visa unless that person is ordinarily resident in that country. Make sure you ask the US Embassies in Singapore, Dubai etc before you pay visa fees and try to book appointments. ***Some US Consulates in Canada allow 3rd country visitors to apply but then you will need a Canadian visitor visa just to get there. And Covid-19 restrictions have added an additional layer of complexity.
  7. rksingh

    Unable to book visa slot in India

    Pretty much all visa appointments in India are currently unavailable except for emergency appointments. Unfortunately since yours is 1st H1B stamping, you are not even eligible for dropbox.
  8. Generally in such cases, you can start working if you have a properly and timely filed non-frivolous I-129 application and have proof of it being sent to USCIS (such as Fedex tracking number, etc).
  9. rksingh

    H1B 60 Days Grace period

    the 60 day grace period starts from the date you stopped working....paycheck date has no bearing on grace period. Any overstay beyond the 60 days may have an adverse impact on your GC...consult your immigration attorney as a few unique situations (such as hospital stay etc) may be forgiven.
  10. As long as the H4 dependent has a timely and properly filed I539 change/extend status application filed, they are OK. They may be out-of-status but will not be accruing illegal stay. Of course there are other issues that may come into play such as loss of Driver's License (depending on individual state rules) so you may want to consult your attorney to see if they can takes steps to expedite the H4 extension.
  11. rksingh

    Can I invest in weed stocks as H1B holder?

    If its a publicly traded stock then I do not see any issue. Maybe just as a precaution, stay away from any weed related S-Corporations.
  12. Most likely you will be OK until the divorce gets finalized. After divorce you will no longer be allowed to work/stay in US. But seeing your situation, is there even a guarantee that you will know timely when the divorce was finalized? You may unknowingly start accumulating illegal stay. Don't rely on forum replies and consult a qualified immigration attorney ASAP.
  13. rksingh

    Wrong I94 expiry date on I797 (H1B)

    Normally the replies on this forum should not second-guess your attorney's advice........However if you want to be really, really safe you can travel outside the country and come back since you already have a valid visa stamp.
  14. Your situation is not clear.......When exactly did you re-enter US and when exactly did your new employer file H1B?
  15. Since you have dropbox appointment, ask the staff at the Visa Application Center. They are usually much easier to approach to ask questions than at the Embassy itself. My guess (emphasizing the word "guess") is that if just you appear for your appointment and tell them that only you are applying and provide a rational reason, your spouse's application will just be ignored.