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  1. Hi, I am planning to switch employers but given the current scenario of GC dates moving fast...(my PD : Feb 2015) I dont know if it is a right move to switch employers.I would like to know if I can request my old employer to file for GC..if so ..what are the changes we are talking about here ?
  2. Koundinya17

    DS160 website down

    I am not seeing any images on the DS160 website. I only see text. Is it only me ? https://ceac.state.gov/genniv/
  3. Koundinya17

    Petition status shows "Revoked" to VO!!!

    It might have to do with the PIMS not getting updated.Check with your employer's attorney.These issues happen once in a while. Hope this link is helpful. https://www.************/forum/showthread.php/90124-H1B-visa-stamping-Hyderabad-221-g-blue-slip
  4. Koundinya17


    I am just guessing if this has raised any flag for the officer to double check your employment.And looks like you are all set to get your passport stamped..All the best
  5. Koundinya17

    H1b; H4 Visa stamping Mumbai.

    Is there a change in the client since your last stamping ? If so did you file amendment and is it approved ?. I know these are quite basic but it is something to start with so that people who already been in similar situation can provide you more info on this
  6. Hi, A cousin of mine,who is on OPT EAD, is working on 1099 basis with an Employer A for the past 6 months.He is planning to file a H1B this year with Employer B.He is not working for Employer B as of now but plans to work once his H1B is approved We would like to know if his previous employment history,with Employer A, would be of any advantage during his H1B processing ? From what I have heard so far the candidate needs to have a employer history with the Employer who is filing the H1b for the H1B to be approved.
  7. Hi, I am attending interview on March'17th at Ottawa.Please let me know if any one else is attending ..Please let me know if anyone else is attending. *FEMALES ONLY*
  8. Hi, I will be attending for interview at Vancouver on March'21.Anyone attending on the same day or something around this date can reach me at raja.prathigadapa@gmail.com. iam looking to share accomodation
  9. I would like to know your opinion on this post http://www.murthy.com/2013/02/11/contiguous-territory-rule-permits-reentry-from-canada-or-mexico/ Does this mean..one can re-enter us from canada if there stamping is delayed . Excuse me,for my ignorance, if I miss any important point in the article
  10. Koundinya17

    Masters in Non IT please avoid Toronto.

    gud point...lol...valid concern in wrong post
  11. Koundinya17

    Canadian TRV NY ..Money order addressed to

  12. yeah..I have interview at Toronto on March 18.I might move the date to little bit earlier..but as of now it is march'18
  13. Koundinya17

    Appointment date Availability - Vancouver

    I don understand why you were getting stuck at DS-160 since it is prety simple as Jaguar09 and raja922 said. anyhow FYI, Vancouver - May 15th is d earliest Toronto - Feb is available