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  1. BostonKhan

    Citizenship Interview - 2nd time

    Hello randy_gc, how did your second interview went? what questions were asked ? could you please share ? thanks
  2. Hello all, Following up: Naturalization interview complete: Dec 30, 2020. Passed civic exam. Officer asked me to upload tax payment receipts for both state and Fed. Uploaded all payment receipts within a week of the interview (early January). Sent a messages few times via USCIS portal requesting status of the application/ if they need any additional documentation. Last message sent in May, reply received after a week 'if you are application is approved, we will send you a letter notifying date with naturalization ceremony details'. Its been 6 months since interview, no further response yet or I haven't received any official N-14 form also (showing lack of documentation)? Appreciate if you guys please guide me what do I need do? Does seeking attorney help in this situation or should I approach Senator office requesting follow up on status of my application ? Please guide P.S: My wife attended interview on Jan 18 and received citizenship in Feb. Many thanks
  3. I went to naturalization interview last week. Office asked me to submit 'proof of copies of taxes that I owed' in previous years. I told office that I don't have any balance with Fed or State - but the officer keep saying that I need to see the proof. Passed civic exam but I was given form - pending additional documentation. Officer asked me to upload documentation to file online. After interview I uploaded proof of payments online to my application. Has any one been in this situation before? Appreciate your replies or feedback on how you handled it? My wifes interview is on Jan 11 2021, so wondering if need to postpone or keep it (assuming she wont get same officer). Nervous on what the outcome will be experts please advice Thanks
  4. Appreciate if the experts or moderators please reply to my above email questions my interview date is approaching thanks
  5. BostonKhan

    Citizenship application filed in Nov 2019

    I received notice to appear for interview letter last week. Interview Dec 30
  6. BostonKhan

    Interview questions

    I have interview on Dec 30 2020, please share what type of questions we can generally expect during the interview Thanks
  7. Dear Sir/Ma'm, I received last week interview notice (scheduled for Dec 30, 2020). Two questions: 1. Evidence of Selective service registration (SSR). I lived in USA between ages 18-26 years on non-immigrant visa (F1 and H1) and H1 until age 34. I got GC when I am 34 yr old. I am 40 yr old now do I need to take any proof that I am NOT eligible for SSR? In N-400 I said 'NO" 2. Citation question - Answered 'no', I forgot I got one ticket in 2018 after I got GC (in 2014) so I answered 'NO' it was just a speeding ticket for ~$200 and i paid the amount. Should I mention this during interview? Please answers the above 2 questions based on your experiences. Very much appreciated. My interview date is nearing Thanks
  8. I (and my spouse) filed N-400 in Nov 2019, within 2 weeks we finished biometrics. Initially it was showing JUNE 2020 as estimated date. Since July 2020 no estimated date is showing. Is everyone who filed end of 2019/early 2020 - experiencing same delays? If I contact the senator would it help? what do we do in this situation? Its been an year since I applied ? Thanks