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  1. Hi , Initially, I had drop box on October 22 and then after 3 weeks, I was asked to attend visa interview this week at Hyderabad, India consulate. At the visa interview, VO: Who do you work for ? ME: XXXX company. VO: Do you have a client or do you work directly for XXXX company ? ME: I work for a direct client as a contract to XXXX company. VO: Do you have client letter ? ME: Gave the client letter. VO: What is your salary ? ME: XXXXX VO: Which state is your client located ? ME: Kansas, MO VO: Returned the passport and said I couldn't pull few details. Gave me white slip and said you will receive an email. Please answer the email at the earliest and we will take it from there. In few mins, I got an email asking to reply to email about -- any siblings, last 15 years of addresses, last 15 years employment history, 15 years travel history, passport from any other country, spouse, children, social websites, phone numbers, emails. Few things to note : 1. I work remotely and my employer and direct client location are different . 3 different cities. 2. I moved about 1.5 miles from the place where labor was applied. My lawyer said that this should be ok as you are still in same jurisdiction. 3. There is a small gap of 45 days between my recent I797s. But, I think 2 months is permitted. I would like to know what data the VO couldn't find. Any ideas ? These questions seem to be USCIS related? Do you know how long this process can take ?
  2. Hi, I work for as a consultant for a company in Ohio and my client is located in Kansas, I work in Massachusetts as a remote job location. My petition was filed under a zip code 02139. But, I have moved to 02140( same MSA). Now, I am planning to go to India for visa stamping. My research indicates that there is no need to H1b amendment and no new LCA. Both of these haven't been done when I moved from one zip to the other which are in same MSA. Can you guys confirm if any of those are needed ?
  3. dileep2021

    Travel to USA from Germany

    Folks, I am an Indian Citizen living in USA on a valid stamped H1B Visa until Jan 2017. I applied for Schengen visa and was issued from Aug-11-2015 to Feb-06-2016. I would like to know if I need any additional documents with regards to boarding flight in Berlin Schonefeld (SXF) and travel via Keflavik (KEF) to USA ( boston). Also, will there be any concerns if I travel from Berlin to USA on H1B visa? I have read multiple things about boarding flight in Germany. So, I am trying to clear things. I tried to read through this form but I wasn't clear. Please help! Thanks, Dileep