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  1. Was there any receipt notice received. iam in similar situation. i have the USPS acknowledgement that the palcahe was delivered, but no receipt notice yert and the check was not cajsed as well.
  2. harry_s

    October visa bulletin is out; eb2 India bad news

    There are approximately about 48000 applications pending in EB3 for India. If all of them ported to EB2I category, they will have an earlier priority date(in or prior to 2007) in EB2 category. Thus the number of appliactions in EB2 category of 1350 currently given in the demand data prior to January 1, 2007 would be moot. If the porting applications are calculated at 50% the number of ported and actual EB2 applications prior to 2007 would be around 25000 applications. With the current statistics and trends unlesss there is a spillover into EB2 India category the chances of getting a GC for priority dates before 2008 is 8-10 years.