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  1. Facts: 0. Indian national, previous successful H1B stampings in Mumbai and Delhi and F1 stamping in Delhi. 1. Got Jan 10, 2018 H1 stamping appointment in Vancouver. 2. Working with Senior title, full time for US California based software company since May 2017. 3. On H1B beyond 6 years. 4. I-140 approved in EB2 from previous employer. 5. I've got everything in order: Pay stubs, I797 approval notice etc. Q: Is it safe to go for H1 stamping as a Third Country National to Canada given the current situation (RFEs etc for H1s) and general tightening of H1 rules ? Please advise.
  2. quest2010

    H1B stamping in Vancouver or Toronto

    You can check the dates online.
  3. quest2010

    H1B stamping in Vancouver or Toronto

    I got my Jan 2018 appointment back in Sep 2017.
  4. I joined the company. My approval came in later.
  5. You should just wait. Your employer needs to make a query to USCIS, not you.
  6. Regular processing. I got the receipt notice. I think proof of filing is sufficient. Not 100% sure though.
  7. quest2010

    H1B Transfer

    My guess is it should be ok, if you have good credentials and a good employer.
  8. quest2010

    H1B Transfer

    I have same situation as yours. I have an opportunity with a new employer and I wanted to know if it is ok to start with new employer based on just the receipt notice. I posted a question but no responses so far. Here's my question
  9. My job title in new position is "Senior". And I have 13 years experience in Software industry. 8 years in US. Thanks
  10. You can find the receipt number stamped at the back of the payment check given with your application. If the check has been cashed you can find the images in your employers bank statement etc.
  11. Here are the facts: 1. I have worked for big reputed companies during past 6.5 years (all consumer electronics, non medical, non biotech). Since last 5 months working for a medical device startup. 2. My BE is in Electronics Engineering(India) and MS is in Bioinformatics(USA). 3. Currently I have a job offer for a well known big reputed company which is non medical / biotech company. 3. My H1 transfer was filed Apr 11, 2017 and I have the receipt notice #. California Service Center. 5. The employer from whom I have offer in #3 above is asking me to join on the basis of receipt notice. I am scared since USCIS has suspended premium processing and also due to Mar 31 memo. Should I join on the basis of receipt notice or should I wait for approval to arrive? Thanks. Please advise.
  12. In California, if a couple files for legal separation then after that can they also file for H4 visa for the spouse wanting to go on dependent visa ? Basically can H4 visa be granted if the couple is under legal separation. The status change for the spouse taking up H4 will be from H1B->H4. The spouse's company is shutting down.
  13. My wife is on H1 I have approved I-140 from last employer. I changed jobs. I am on H1 with current employer. My wife and I are going for divorce. She is asking for my approved I-140. Questions: Is it ok to share it ? Any problems ? Can she harm me in some way? What benefit can she get from my approved I-140 document ? Please guide. Thanks